11 best spice rack ideas to buy

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Best spice rack ideas to buy at a glance

  • Best spice rack for cupboards: ProCook extendable spice jar rack, £19
  • Best budget spice rack: Dunelm matte black hanging spice rack, £8
  • Best pre-filled spice rack: Tower Cavaletto 12 jar spice rack set, £39.99
  • Best for countertop storage: Momentum three tier spice rack organiser, £44.15
  • Best spice rack for drawer storage: Famhap spice drawer organiser, £17.99
  • Best for country kitchens: Dunelm Kitchen Pantry Acacia 12 jar spice rack, £42
  • Best spice rack for a clever design: JosephJoseph CupboardStore under-shelf spice rack, £14.40
  • Best over the door spice rack: Covaodq spice rack organiser, £46.11
  • Best clear spice rack: The Home Edit 3 tier expandable shelf, £22
  • Best versatile spice rack: Cinimy spice rack, £19.99
  • Best pull out spice rack: ZDDLOINP pull out spice rack, £47.99

Best spice rack ideas to buy in 2024

ProCook extendable spice jar rack

ProCook extendable spice rack

Best spice rack for cupboards

If you’ve got cupboards full of jars that get lost at the back where you can’t see them, give yourself some extra storage with this extendable spice jar rack. A clever idea for making the most of dead space, this raises your spices into a tiered formation so you can see them all. It also has an extendable width to fit different sized cupboards.

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Available from:
ProCook (£19)

Dunelm matte black hanging spice rack

Dunelm spice rack organiser

Best budget spice rack

Giving yourself some more spice storage doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This hanging spice rack will only hold a few jars, but at under £10 it’s a great bargain for hanging near your hob to keep your most used ingredients within easy reach at all times.

Available from:
Dunelm (£8)

Tower Cavaletto 12 jar rotating spice rack set

Tower Cavaletto spice rack

Best pre-filled spice rack

This rotating spice rack not only provides storage and jars, it comes entirely pre-filled with 12 spices (including salt, oregano, cinnamon and basil). It makes a great housewarming or moving out gift for someone starting their kitchen collection. The spice rack rotates to easily see your collection and comes in a range of different colours including white, grey, teal and pink, to match your chosen kitchen aesthetic.

Available from:
Dunelm (£32)
Argos (£34)
Tower (£39.99)
Amazon (£34.99)
Harts of Stur (£31.95)

Momentum three tier spice rack organiser

Momentum three tier spice rack

Best for countertop storage

If you’ve got deep worktops, this smart spice rack organiser makes it easy to see and reach your supplies. The bottom layer has good height, so can store oils, vinegar, salt and pepper mills alongside spices above. It’s made of smart bamboo and is available in three colourways to match different kitchens.

Available from:
Not on the High Street (£44.14)

Famhap spice drawer organiser

Famhap spice rack organiser

Best spice rack for drawer storage

If your kitchen layout has left you with more drawers than cupboards to use for storage, this spice drawer organiser from Amazon is a clever solution. No more jars rolling around the drawer every time you pull it out – this has three gently sloping shelves that can hold up to a generous 36 jars, great for large spice collections. The shelves are extendable to fit the width of your drawer and comes in white, black or grey.

Available from:
Amazon (£17.99)

Dunelm Kitchen Pantry Acacia 12 jar spice rack

Dunelm acacia spice rack

Best for country kitchens

If you have a country-style kitchen, this chunky wooden spice rack will fit right in. It comes with 12 empty glass jars with gold lids to go in each slot – these can either stored upright or on their side, so you could add labels to either the front or lids. With 12 jars, this doesn’t have the largest capacity of all spice racks we’ve seen but should cover your most reached for essentials.

Available from:
Dunelm (£42)

JosephJoseph CupboardStore under-shelf spice rack

JosephJoseph spice rack

Best spice rack for a clever design

This clever spice rack stood out to us for it’s unique design that is unlike many other models. A great space-saving option, this utilises unused cupboard space. It slots under shelves in a cupboard and can be pulled out to access the spices. It only holds seven jars, so can’t hold a large collection, but is good for grouping spices together (e.g. sweet spices for baking, or the ingredients for your favourite curry) and for those short on space.

Available from:
JosephJoseph (£14.40)

Covaodq spice rack organiser

Amazon over the door spice rack

Best over the door spice rack

If you’ve got a large spice collection to store, this over-the-door organiser could be your solution. Available in either five or eight-rack designs, the large hanging frames can go over the door of a kitchen pantry and offer plenty of storage. Some of the shelves are better suited for taller items such as cereal or large jars, but there are shallower shelves at the top of the rack too that would be great for spices.

Available from:
Amazon (£39.19)

The Home Edit 3 tier expandable shelf

The Home Edit spice rack

Best clear spice rack

This clear spice rack gives the illusion of more space in your cupboards, as opposed to bulky or darker kitchen spice racks. The expandable shelves adapt to your space and needs and the tiered design means no more food getting lost at the back of cupboards. It’s great for housing spices but could also be used for storing tins or jars of condiments.

Available from:
John Lewis (£22)

Cinimy spice rack

Cinimy spice rack

Best versatile spice rack

This wall-mounted spice rack can be attached wherever best suits you in your kitchen: on the wall next to your hob, or on the back of cupboard or pantry doors. The set of four metal spice rack shelves can be assembled separately so you can add them as your spice collection grows or divide them up in different locations around the kitchen for varied storage. The kit also comes with 36 white stickers for clearly labelling spice jars.

Available from:
Amazon (£19.99)

ZDDLOINP pull out spice rack

ZZDLOINP pull out spice rack

Best pull out spice rack

To truly maximise your cupboard space, this spice rack has two shelves. The height is adjustable to suit your cupboards and the wide shelves gives plenty of space if you have a lot of spices to store. The pull-out shelves mean no more rooting around in the back of your cupboard and helps see your collection easily, even those stored at the back.

Available from:
Amazon (£47.99)

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