15 Healthy Working From Home Lunch Ideas

15 healthy working from home lunch ideas

1. Orzo, bean and tuna salad

For a tasty lunch, turn storecupboard staples into this vibrant, nutritious orzo pasta salad with roasted red peppers and black olives. It’s lighter than most pasta salads, which usually come with a heavy mayo dressing.

Orzo Pasta Salad with Beans and Tuna on a Plate

2. Smoked haddock and spinach rye toasts

For an alternative way to enjoy eggs on toast, try this quick and easy lunch idea. Simply cook haddock in milk, then flake on top of the spinach and egg toasts for a healthy, high-protein dish.

Smoked Haddock and Spinach Rye Toasts

3. Halloumi and Greek salad wraps

Slices of golden halloumi make a satisfying wrap filling when you’re in the mood for a quick veggie lunch. Greek yogurt provides a nice contrast to the salty cheese. Serve a fresh, bright salad on the side or you can add it to your wrap.

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Halloumi Wraps With Greek Salad

4. Vegetable omelette

To get your hit of protein and green goodness at lunch, fill an omelette with plenty of grated courgette, kale, peas and chilli flakes. Serve alongside cherry tomatoes dressed simply with white wine vinegar.

Need more easy omelette inspiration? Check out our recipes.

Omelette Filled with Green Vegetables on a Plate with Tomatoes

5. Quick Japanese-style rice salad

Use a pack of ready-cooked or left-over rice to put a fast (and low-calorie) king prawn salad together. Make it green with edamame beans, cucumber and avocado.

Japanese-Style Rice Salad with Prawns and Chopsticks

6. Broccoli and peanut soba noodles

Choosing wholegrain carbs at lunch is a good way to make sure you’ll feel full and energised all afternoon. Try cooking soba noodles with broccoli, then coat in a zingy peanut sauce and top with roasted peanuts for extra crunch. You only need 20 minutes to throw this easy veggie dish together, and it’s bursting with good fats.

We have lots more healthy carb recipes to fuel your day.

Broccoli and peanut soba noodles in a bowl with cut limes on the side

7. Grilled chicken wraps

Zhoggiu is a Sicilian mint and nut pesto that adds colour and flavour to these healthy chicken wraps. On the table in 20 minutes, these are a great lunchtime option for warmer days when you’re looking for something fresh and filling. Best eaten outside in a sunny spot, if possible.

Herby Grilled Chicken Wraps with Rocket and Tomatoes

8. Avocado on toast

Need inspiration for new ways with avocado on toast? Try our 13 best recipes and take yours to the next level with our unique twists. From Moroccan spices and quick pickled veg, to posh crab and soft-boiled egg toppings, we have something for every taste. There’s even a spicy crumpet recipe we know you’ll love.

Avocado on Toast with Five Topping Ideas

9. Sesame tofu bowl

Combine golden, sesame-crusted tofu with edamame, avocado, quinoa and a soy dressing for a nourishing and satisfying vegan meal that contains 9 different plant foods.

Bowls of cooked quinoa with edamame, pak choi and tofu

10. Sardines and peppers on toast

If all you have is 10 minutes to make lunch, you have enough time to top toasted sourdough with tinned sardines and pieces of roasted pepper from a jar. It’s more nutritious than other toast toppings, giving you a healthy dose of good fats.

Want a healthy vegetarian toast topping? Try our quick, healthy homemade baked beans.

Sardines and Peppers on Toast with Lemon

11. Falafel, beetroot and hummus grain bowl

Serve warm microwaved grains with lightly spiced falafel (we like Cauldron), ready-cooked beets, greens and hummus to make this almost effortless, colourful bowl for lunch. To keep it vegan, we’ve served it with sliced avocado, but feta would be good, too.

We have more healthy grain bowls for you to choose from.

Falafel and Hummus Bowl with Beetroot Recipe

12. Pea and ham soup

An absolute classic, our pea and ham soup is made with just five ingredients in 20 minutes. Serve with crusty bread for a nourishing, colourful lunch.

Looking for more warming recipes like this? Check out our best easy soup recipes.

Pea and Ham Soup in a Bowl

13. 10-minute Moroccan prawn rice bowl

For a speedy meal that’s guaranteed to keep you full until dinner, try frying prawns with spring onions, harissa paste, chickpeas and a pouch of microwavable rice. It delivers big flavours in just 10 minutes, making it perfect for a working from home lunch.

We have plenty more delicious 10-minute recipes to choose from.

Moroccan Prawn Rice Bowl with Chickpeas in a Pan

14. Smashed chickpea and feta salad

This chickpea and feta salad makes a hearty, no-cook lunch for two that’s ready in just 15 minutes. Smashing the chickpeas helps them to soak up some of the spicy lemon dressing. It travels well, too, so you can easily take it into the office for a healthy packed lunch.

Have a block of feta to use up? Check out our healthy, easy feta recipes.

Smashed Chickpea and Feta Salad with Tomatoes and Sweetcorn in a Bowl

15. Sriracha and lime salmon with avocado cream

This healthy dish might look too complex for lunch, but it only takes 15 minutes to make. All you need to do is blitz ingredients for avocado cream together while the sriracha and lime-coated salmon cooks under the grill. It’s a great high-protein, low-calorie lunch option for anyone who’s gluten-free.

Looking for more avocado recipes? We have plenty more to choose from.

Sriracha Salmon with Avocado Cream and Shredded Vegetables

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