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Semolina recipes

Ricotta ravioli

This glorious filled pasta – with sweet peas, zesty lemon and creamy whipped ricotta – is the perfect way to celebrate the fresh flavours of spring and will wow your dinner guests. Discover more parcels of goodness with our ravioli recipes.

Two plates of ravioli with creamy whipped ricotta and parmesan shavings on a pink tablecloth

Tomato and manchego tart

Here, the tomatoes are salted before being baked in the tart, as the process draws water and concentrates their flavour. The result is a savoury tart with an intense umami effect. Discover more ways with tomatoes and more savoury tarts.

A tomato tart on a round plate with a grey wood background

Healthy gnudi

These will take you a little longer to make due to the overnight chilling but the reward is delicate little ricotta dumplings with some added bite and flavour from the broccoli, almonds and nutmeg. Finished in the dressing, it’s a light lunch worth the wait. Try our pumpkin gnudi for a sweeter twist.

Two blue bowls filled with small ricotta dumplings, green leaves and sliced red peppers

Besan ladoos

Try our salted chocolate twist on classic besan burfi. This crumbly, biscuity Indian fudge is made by slow cooking gram flour in melted ghee until it becomes golden and nutty. It can then be shaped into perfect cubes or rounded ladoos. Why not share it with someone you love as a homemade Christmas gift.

A bright pink tablecloth topped with a plate of chocolate-coated fudge balls

Goose fat potatoes

This recipe makes creating the perfect roast potato child’s play. Goose fat, English mustard and semolina are the key for achieving these crispy roasties. Serve them alongside one of our Christmas hams.

Goose Fat Roast Potatoes Recipe

Spinach gnudi

Whizz blanched spinach into ricotta to make these delicious, pillowy gnudi. Perfect for a posh lunch or an impressive starter. Love this leafy green? Try more spinach recipes.

Four spinach gnudi on a plate

No-knead pizza dough

This recipe for no-knead pizza with fennel, Italian sausage and burrata is a bit of a leap of faith, but once you get used to the dough, it’s a great method to have up your sleeve. Serve it with our homemade vegan pizza sauce.

No-Knead Pizza Dough Recipe with Sausage, Fennel and Burrata

Bibo’s tagliarini nero with squid, chilli, tomato and garlic

A modern Italian pasta dish from London’s Bibo restaurant. This recipe is a new way to try squid and is sure to impress your friends. Give these ideas for squid a go, too.

A white bowl filled with tagliarini nero, squid, chilli, tomato and garlic

Ricotta gnudi with sage butter

These delicate, light-as-air ricotta dumplings are a bit of a leap of faith but will work perfectly as long as you follow the rules. Don’t be tempted to skip the draining or overnight coating time as these are both essential to the gnudi holding their shape. If you can’t get enough creamy cheesy goodness, try more recipes with ricotta.

ricotta gnudi

Gnocchi alla romana

This Roman-style gnocchi differs to the more common potato dumplings. It’s made with semolina which is cut out into disks then baked with more butter and cheese for a really indulgent vegetarian supper dish. Discover more gnocchi inspiration.

Best Gnocchi Alla Romana Recipe

Fine semolina flour recipes


Discover how to achieve buttery, melt-in-the-mouth shortbread cookies using just four ingredients. These classic biscuits are easy to bake and take just 30 minutes. Or try our gluten-free shortbread.

A board and two plates of shortbread biscuits next to a tea towel and cup of tea

Sweet potato gnudi, lemony cavolo nero, crispy sage and parmesan

Check out this pillowy sweet potato gnudi recipe with lemony cavolo nero and super crispy sage. This impressive dish comes from Edinburgh restaurant, 27 Elliott’s. Try more recipes that put cavolo nero front and centre.

Sweet Potato Gnudi Recipe with Cavolo Nero and Crispy Sage

Semolina tagliatelle and clams

Fancy a project? Make your own silky semolina tagliatelle, then toss it together with fresh clams, the best cherry tomatoes you can find and parsley – it’s well worth the effort. Try our easy tagliatelle recipes.

A white bowl of pasta with peppers and clams

Curd cheese and semolina dumplings with bilberry jam

These Romanian soft cheese dumplings, coated in toasted breadcrumbs mixed with cinnamon, are best served with bilberry jam – but strawberry or blackcurrant work wonderfully, too. Discover more dumplings from around the world.

A white plate biled with golden crumbed curd cheese and semolina dumplings

Basic pasta dough

Make the perfect pasta from scratch with our step-by-step recipe from the head chef of Italian restaurant Apsleys at The Lanesborough. Discover more homemade pasta recipes.

Making fresh, homemade pasta from Pasta Loco

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