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Why we love pak choi

If you feel in a vegetable rut, try cooking more with pak choi. It’s a great addition to Asian dishes such as noodles or stir fries – cook it quickly so it keeps some of its vibrancy and crunch. We love adding it to ramen or even making homemade veggie spring rolls, but it can also be a side dish on its own. Pak choi is fresh and crisp so pairs well with bold flavours such as generous amounts of chilli or garlic.

Health benefits of pak choi

Pak choi is a good source of folate and fibre. It is high in vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6.

Best pak choi recipes

Sesame-crusted salmon with sriracha-glazed pak choi

Pak choi gets a sriracha, lime and mirin glaze to go with sesame-crusted salmon in this simple but punchy midweek meal for two. This nutritious dish is packed with plenty of zesty vegetables and it’s ready in 30 minutes. See more salmon recipes.

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Sesame Salmon Recipe with Sriracha Sauce

Pak choi with garlic and soy sauce

In this recipe by Francis Law, pak choi is drizzled with soy sauce and homemade garlic oil, offering fresh and punchy flavours which will please everyone at the table.

A white bowl of pak choi

Miso and chilli chicken noodle soup

Pak choi gets simmered in a flavoursome broth of chicken stock, ginger and garlic and topped with shredded miso and gochujang chicken to make this hearty soup. Try more healthy soup recipes.

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe with Miso and Chilli

Hot and sour mushroom stir-fry

This vegan recipe brings pak choi together with mushrooms, crunchy carrots and aromatic ginger. It’s a quick and easy stir-fry that’s under 400 calories. We’ve got lots more stir-fry recipes to try.

Vegan Mushroom Stir Fry Recipe

Healthy one-pot chicken

A twist on a classic pot roast, this healthy chicken dish is infused with aromatic flavours, from the umami of miso to the grassy freshness of pak choi. Serve it up on Sunday for an alternative roast to feed the family. Discover more one-pot recipes.

A white casserole dish filled with crispy chicken thighs and green pak choi

Sesame tofu bowl

Combined golden, sesame-crusted tofu with edamame, avocado, quinoa and a soy dressing for a nourishing and satisfying vegan meal that contains 9 different plant foods. Check out more tofu recipes.

Bowls of cooked quinoa with edamame, pak choi and tofu

Pork biang biang noodles

Make these bang bang-style noodles using fresh pasta as a great cheat’s replacement for hand-pulled ones. Chiu chow chilli oil is the magic ingredient here, converting the sauce to a sweet, spicy, savoury sensation that coats the noodles.

Two bowls filled with long ribbons of pasta, fried pork mince and green vegetables

Ginger sweet tofu with pak choi

Pak choi makes the perfect partner for this tofu, cooked with a sticky ginger marinade. This simple, healthy recipe is quick to make and is a great meat-free dinner.

Ginger sweet tofu with pak choi

Simple chicken pho

Check out our cheat’s chicken pho with pak choi. This simple but wholesome recipe is full of rich, warming flavour and is easy to make. Plus, it’s low in calories too. Browse our easy low-calorie meals for more ideas.

Chicken Pho Recipe

Duck stir-fry with ginger and greens

Duck is easy to get right in this Asian stir-fry with meaty pak choi and punchy ginger. It’s easy to make, super healthy and ready in 15 minutes. Enjoy cooking duck? We’ve got lots more duck recipes to try.

Quick Stir-Fry Duck Recipe with Greens

Instant bacon ramen

Check out this quick and easy ramen recipe with pak choi and crispy sesame seed bacon. This wholesome noodle soup is low in calories and ready in under 30 minutes.

Bacon Ramen Noodles Recipe

Rice paper rolls with sriracha beef

Pak choi is shredded and used to stuff rice paper rolls along with sriracha beef here. The fresh crunch of the vegetables and the spicy kick of the sriracha are a great combination to wake up your tastebuds. An ideal lunch or light dinner.

Winter-style rice paper rolls with sriracha beef

Ginger chicken dumpling soup

Pak choi bathes in a chilli, lemongrass, ginger and soy broth here, and is joined by ginger chicken dumplings to create a quick, easy and nutritious meal.

Ginger chicken dumpling soup

Shanghai fried beef noodles

These Shanghai fried beef noodles make a great, easy meal for two. Whip out this recipe when you want a flavour-packed, protein-rich meal on the table in just half an hour. Discover more noodles recipes to try.

Shanghai Noodles Recipe with Fried beef

Pak choi with Thai prawn dressing

Steam pak choi and then slather in a simple sauce of stir-fried prawns and red curry paste for a quick, healthy and spicy meal for two.

Pak choi with Thai prawn dressing

Spicy beetroot and pak choi with ramen eggs and sriracha

This low fat spicy caramlised beetroot salad with marinated ramen eggs, pak choi and sriracha, is a quick and easy summer meal. Raw pak choi gives a delicious crunch, but steam it if you prefer.

Spicy Beetroot and Pak Choi with Ramen Eggs and Sriracha Recipe

Stir-fried pak choi with sesame sauce

This side dish is packed with goodness and ready in just 15 minutes. You’ll love the crunchy stems of the pak choi seasoned with sweet sesame sauce

Stir-fried pak choi with sesame sauce

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