22 Purple Sprouting Broccoli Recipes

Why we love purple sprouting broccoli

This variety is actually even quicker to prepare and cook than standard broccoli. Simply trim the stems and boil or steam for a shorter time – the tender stalks and florets will cook through much more rapidly. It’s deep green leaves with a purple hue look lovely against a creamy sauce or in a colourful salad. As with other types of broccoli, it works well in pasta dishes and spicy stir-fries.

Health benefits of purple sprouting broccoli

Broccoli is rich in sulphur, meaning it’s good for your gut health and, as a result, may improve your immunity. A key component of broccoli is a phytochemical known as sulforaphane, which gives it that slightly bitter taste. Studies have shown sulforaphane may help reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Purple sprouting broccoli recipes

Charred purple sprouting broccoli with tahini yogurt and spiced seeds

Charred purple sprouting broccoli, coated in a tahini yogurt and topped with spiced seeds, makes a sophisticated starter or light lunch. Serve with crusty bread for mopping up all the sauce.

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Purple sprouting broccoli on a plate with yogurt and tahini and seeds

Broccoli stir-fry

At its best in early spring, make the most of purple sprouting broccoli with this zingy stir-fry, flavoured with soy, ginger, garlic and chilli.

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A white plate of broccoli, noodles and chilli with a pair of wooden chopsicks on a white background with a blue linen napkin

Gnocchi with crispy purple sprouting broccoli and garlic butter

Here, purple sprouting broccoli is fried until crisp and heaped onto a bed of comforting gnocchi, slicked in a buttery, cheesy sauce. A satisfying 30-minute meal.

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Garlic butter gnocchi with crispy purple sprouting broccoli

Lemon-crusted salmon with purple sprouting broccoli

Eating healthily doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself. This salmon dish with purple sprouting broccoli is packed full of citrus flavours and is so delicious, you’ll forget you’re being virtuous.

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Lemon-crusted salmon with purple sprouting broccoli

Sausage pasta with broccoli

A creamy mustard sauce livens up this sausage meatball and broccoli dish with penne pasta. Make it for a comforting midweek meal which the whole family will love.

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Penne with broccoli and mustardy sausage meatballs

Purple sprouting broccoli, blue cheese and almond salad

Match purple sprouting broccoli with a blue cheese and garlic dressing, then sprinkle with toasted almonds for added crunch.

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Purple sprouting broccoli, blue cheese and almond salad

Purple sprouting broccoli, spiced fried eggs and lime yogurt on toast

Cumin seeds and chilli flakes add punch to this vegetarian brunch idea starring purple sprouting broccoli. It’s ready in just 10 minutes, too.

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Purple Sprouting Broccoli Recipe with Fried Eggs

Purple sprouting broccoli in oyster sauce

Purple sprouting broccoli is matched with a moreish sweet and salty oyster sauce. Serve with rice for a quick midweek dinner.

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A purple sprouting broccoli dish with chilli

Purple sprouting broccoli tempura with ponzu dipping sauce

Check out this vegan recipe for crunchy purple sprouting broccoli in crispy tempura batter. Ready in under 30 minutes, this dish will make an impressive dinner party starter.

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Broccoli Tempura with Ponzu Sauce

Broccoli and peanut soba noodles

Our recipe for purple sprouting broccoli and peanut soba noodles is really easy to make and ready in 20 minutes. The zingy sauce gives the broccoli an injection of flavour, whilst the roasted peanuts add a crunchy texture to the dish.

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Soba Noodles with Broccoli and Peanuts in a Bowl

Spring salad with purple sprouting broccoli, peas and mozzarella

Celebrating spring’s finest produce, this purple sprouting broccoli, pea and mozzarella salad makes for a quick and easy light lunch for two.

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Spring Salad Recipe with Broccoli, Peas and Mozzarella served on a white plate and a white surface

Griddled purple sprouting broccoli with peppers and walnuts

Red pepper and walnuts make the perfect accompaniments for griddled purple sprouting broccoli in this punchy vegan-friendly recipe.

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Purple Sprouting Broccoli Recipe with Peppers and Walnuts

Roasted broccoli and feta flatbreads

Vibrant in colour and full of flavour, these roasted purple sprouting broccoli and feta flatbreads make an exciting change from your average midweek meal.

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Roasted broccoli and feta flatbreads

Purple sprouting broccoli, spring onion and goat’s cheese tart

Put purple sprouting broccoli at the centre in this spring tart recipe seasoned with fresh thyme. Serve with a simple green salad for an easy veggie dinner.

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Goats Cheese Tart Recipe For Broccoli Quiche

Veggie soba noodle pots

In need of some lunch box inspiration? This purple sprouting broccoli recipe with carrot, radish, edamame and soba noodles will brighten up any lunch break. The pots are ready in just 20 minutes, under 500 calories and packed full of flavour.

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Veggie soba noodle boxes

Chinese-style purple sprouting broccoli with tofu

Tofu and purple sprouting broccoli make perfect partners in this Chinese-style vegan recipe. Easy to make and under 500 calories, this dish is a delicious after-work dinner.

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Chinese-style purple sprouting broccoli with tofu

Orecchiette with purple sprouting broccoli and anchovies

Tangy anchovies, punchy garlic and fiery chilli bring a real kick of flavour to this pasta dish, which is ready in just 20 minutes and comes in at under 500 calories.

For another easy pasta supper, try orecchiette with caramelised onions and anchovies.

Orecchiette with anchovies, cavelo nero and caramelised onions

Healthy turkey stir-fry with broccoli

Sauerkraut adds a delicious tang to this simple turkey stir-fry, balanced with broccoli, mushrooms, zingy ginger and a sweet-salty sauce that gives an added kick.

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Fried Rice with Broccoli and Mushrooms in a Wok

Duck confit with slow-cooked broccoli and blood orange

This dish from Saltine’s restaurant takes advantage of the peak mid-winter produce of purple sprouting broccoli and blood oranges, to produce an impressive dish that feels distinctly sunny.

For dessert, you could give our blood orange curd crêpe cake a go.

Duck confit with slow-cooked broccoli and blood orange on a plate from Saltine in London

Charred purple sprouting broccoli with bagna cauda

This is a simple, yet delicious way to enjoy often overlooked purple sprouting broccoli. Serve as a side dish, or toast some bread and pile it on top. You could add a poached egg, too, if you like.

Salsa verde is another delicious green sauce.

Charred Purple Sprouting Broccoli Recipe with Bagna Cauda

Purple sprouting broccoli with anchovy sauce

A pungent garlic and anchovy sauce elevates purple sprouting broccoli to new levels in this vibrant side dish.

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Purple sprouting broccoli with anchovy sauce and chilli flakes

Linguine with purple sprouting broccoli, sesame and chilli

In need of a midweek pick-me-up? This simple pasta dish is a great way to eat purple sprouting broccoli and is bursting with the fresh zingy flavours of chilli and lemon.

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Linguine with purple sprouting broccoli, sesame and chilli

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