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Catering for a crowd? Dig into an impressive breakfast spread with our ham and cheese croissant traybake or next-level breakfast tacos.

Breakfast recipes

Easy American pancakes

Learn how to make extra-fluffy American pancakes with this classic recipe, using two raising agents (baking powder and self-raising flour). Best served warm and drenched in maple syrup.

American pancakes in a stack next to a jug of maple syrup

Pain au chocolat

Follow our tips and tricks to make a classic pain au chocolat – a buttery, rich, crisp French pastry that’s best served with a mug of tea or coffee.

A plate of pain au chocolats with a mug of tea behind

Overnight oats

This healthy, no-fuss breakfast can be prepped in just five minutes the night before, ready for you in the morning. Customise with your choice of fruit, nuts, seeds and other toppings.

a bowl of oats next to plates of berries, yogurt and chopped nuts on a red napkin

Classic French toast

Fix yourself a breakfast of champions with this classic french toast, served with berries and greek yogurt. You can fix up the flavourings in the sugar – try cinnamon, a little nutmeg or even ginger.

Stack of sourdough french toast with yogurt and berries on top

Sourdough chocolate granola

Mix leftover sourdough with dark chocolate chunks and porridge oats to make this deliciously simple granola.

Baking tray of sourdough chocolate granola next to a bowl of yoghurt and two bowls of granola and yoghurt

Scrambled eggs

Discover how to make the perfect scrambled eggs every time and achieve a soft, creamy texture – they’re delicious served over buttered toast for a quick and easy breakfast.

See the best egg recipes for more ideas.

A plate of scrambled eggs on a slice of sourdough with a knife and fork and cup of coffee on a piece of blue fabric

Rhubarb breakfast pots

Check out these rhubarb pots for a healthy low-cal breakfast. These colourful breakfast pots are simple to make and are high in protein, perfect fuel to start your day.

Rhubarb breakfast pots with granola topping served on a tray

Breakfast oatmeal cookies

These healthy breakfast cookies are easy to make and full of wholesome ingredients including fibre-packed oatmeal and fruit – ideal for a breakfast or a mid-morning snack.

Healthy Breakfast Cookies Recipe

Eggs benedict

Make weekend brunch extra-luxurious with our classic eggs benedict, plus tips and tricks to making your best hollandaise sauce yet.

A white-washed background topped with blue plates, with two English muffins, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on top. There is a cup of coffee and glass of orange juice on the table

Mango smoothie bowl

A nourishing breakfast, brunch or snack, this lassi smoothie bowl is packed with mango and banana. Top with chia seeds and pistachios for crunch.

Discover more combinations with our smoothie bowl recipes.

A smoothie bowl with chia seeds and mango on top

Baked oats

Make breakfast an occasion with this simple, speedy recipe for baked oats – ready in half an hour, it’s great topped with nuts, berries and yogurt.

Baking tin filled with golden baked oats on a linen napkin next to a plate of cherries and chopped nuts and a bowl of yogurt

Blueberry pancakes

Treat yourself to a stack of healthy blueberry and cornmeal pancakes, flavoured with orange zest and maple syrup. Perfect for a lazy weekend brunch.

Three stacks of blueberry pancakes

Breakfast tacos

Looking for fun new breakfast and brunch recipes? Try our easy breakfast tacos. Use eggs with deep yellow yolks so you get a nice colour contrast with the beans and chorizo.

A tray of breakfast tacos holding scrambled egg, chorizo and beans


A classic brunch dish, shakshuka is vegetarian and quick and easy to make – spices, peppers, tomatoes and eggs bubbled together in a pan.

Shakshuka Recipe

Vegetable omelette

Jazz up your omelette with plenty of grated courgette, kale, peas and chilli flakes, then serve alongside cherry tomatoes dressed simply with white wine vinegar.

See more fillings with our easy omelette recipes.

Omelette Filled with Green Vegetables on a Plate with Tomatoes

Smoked salmon breakfast flatbread

Feed a crowd with this no-fuss show-off brunch recipe. If you don’t have much time to prepare, you could use shop-bought focaccia or any other puffy flatbread instead.

Breakfast Flatbread Recipe with Smoked Salmon

Halloumi breakfast bowls

Check out our vibrant breakfast bowl with salty pan-fried halloumi and creamy beetroot borani topped with crunchy dukkah. This wholesome recipe comes from food writer John Gregory-Smith.

Halloumi, eggi and salad bowl on a bed of pureed beetroot borani yogurt

Full english croissants

Check out our epic breakfast croissant recipe packed with crispy bacon, baked beans and runny fried eggs. The perfect weekend treat for all the family.

Croissant Sandwich Recipe with Bacon and Eggs

Healthy baked oats

Make the most of tart, juicy blackberries – which grow wild in hedgerows throughout the UK in the summer months – in this easy oat bake that’s perfect for breakfast or dessert.

Blackberry Baked Oats with Ice Cream and Honey

Easy savoury muffin recipes

Bake a batch of muffins for an energising breakfast or on-the-go snack. Our selection includes spiced cornbread, Marmite and cheesy varieties.

Bacon and egg muffins on a wire rack

Mocha porridge

Morning porridge tastes so much more exciting when you add cocoa powder, espresso, almond milk, dates and cinnamon. The perfect vegan start to the day.

Try more toppings with our best porridge recipes.

Two bowls of porridge with toppers on the side

Eggy bread

Serve this breakfast treat with grilled tomatoes, bacon and mushrooms for a filling morning meal that’s on the table in no time.

Eggy bread, tomatoes, mushrooms and bacon on a white plate with a knife, fork and cup of coffee, on a linen cloth

Ham and cheese croissant traybake

Feed a crowd with this cheese-packed, no-fuss, show-off brunch idea that will feed a hungry crowd.

Ham and Cheese Croissant Bake Recipe

Kelewele cinnamon buns

Soft buns filled with buttery spiced sugar and glazed with pink hibiscus icing, this Ghanaian speciality makes for an epic tear ‘n’ share brunch.

Sticky iced buns

Tex-Mex baked avocados

Start your weekend off with a bang with this no-fuss show-off brunch, packed with juicy tomatoes, eggs and avocados.

Easy Baked Avocado Brunch Recipe with Eggs

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