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Why we love new potatoes

New potatoes are precisely that – younger spuds, and therefore slightly sweeter than regular potatoes because the sugars have not yet converted into starch. New potatoes have thin skins (so don’t need peeling) and a crisp, waxy texture, so they keep their shape once cooked. This makes them great for potato salads, where you can toss them with dressings and other ingredients without them falling apart.

Health benefits of new potatoes

Like other types of potato, new potatoes are low in fat and a good source of fibre. Some of the starch in potatoes is beneficial for our gut microbes.

New potato recipes

New potato fries

Home fries are an American brunch staple, made with cubes of potato, onion, pepper and spices – crispy and comforting, they’re great with bacon and eggs.

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Two plates of crispy potato, bacon and fried egg on a pale linen table cloth with a small pot of red sauce

Roast new potatoes with chilli crab salsa

Jersey royals are served with chilli-flecked white crab meat to make a light and sunny dish, perfect for a light lunch.

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Roasted potatoes with crab salsa

Patatas bravas and chorizo salad

Try potatoes Spanish-style with this colourful patatas bravas and chorizo salad. Serve with plenty of homemade chorizo-infused aïoli.

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Plate of new potatoes covered in sauce with red peppers and chorizo

Confit potatoes

Maris Piper potatoes turn into the crispest, fluffiest thousand-layer potatoes, inspired by The Quality Chop House restaurant’s confit potatoes.

Serve these potatoes alongside a special Sunday roast – check out our best Sunday lunch recipes for more menu inspiration.

A basket of confit potatoes, next to a dip and pot of salt

New potato salad with aïoli

Crispy fried new potatoes are paired with fresh radish and zingy aïoli in this summery dish – a great side for your next BBQ.

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Smashed new potato and radish salad with aïoli

New potato tartiflette with cornichon salad

Put new potatoes at the heart of this classic French recipe. Our cheesy, comforting tartiflette with crispy bacon lardons is served with a tangy cornichon salad.

We’ve got lots more classic French recipes to try here, from French onion soup to homemade croissants.

Potato Tartiflette with Cornichon Salad

New potatoes and tarragon

Roasted new potatoes are the hero of this vibrant side dish, joined by crunchy radishes, peppery rocket and baby spinach. A great dish from 26 Grains in Covent Garden.

Use up the rest of your tarragon in this quirky tarragon ice cream recipe.

Tarragon Potato Salad Recipe

Dum aloo

New potatoes are cooked in a thick nut gravy in this recipe – different versions of which are made in almost every Indian household – by Asma Khan, chef-patron of Darjeeling Express. Serve with fried bread such as puris.

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Dum Aloo Recipe

New potato, pea, asparagus and spinach sformato

Make the most of new potatoes and other fresh spring produce with this inventive vegetarian centrepiece, topped with zingy pickled onion.

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Spring Sformato Recipe

Smoky new potato, prawn and pepper stew

Check out this easy smoky stew recipe with soft new potatoes, juicy butterflied prawns and sweet red peppers. This vibrant dish is low in calories and ready in 30 minutes.

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Fish Stew Recipe with Prawns and Potato

Crispy smashed new potatoes

Looking for a quick and easy new potato recipe to serve as a side dish? Check out these crispy, buttery, garlicky smashed potatoes – the perfect side for an impressive dinner with friends.

For a cheesy twist, try this parmesan roast potatoes recipe.

Smashed New Potatoes Recipe

New potato, meatball and feta traybake

New potatoes for the base of this easy family meal – all cooked in one tray. The Mediterranean-style chorizo meatballs, crumbly feta and baby plum tomatoes add colour to the golden roasted spuds.

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Meatball Traybake Recipe

Spanish potato and pepper omelette

This great comfort food recipe not only stars new potato, but also helps clears out the fridge, too. Serve with a rocket salad.

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Spanish Pepper and Potato Omelette Recipe

New potato, broad bean and chorizo salad

New potatoes are tossed in garlicky dressing with broad beans and topped with crispy chorizo and nutty manchego in this great recipe.

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Broad Bean and Chorizo Salad Recipe with New Potatoes

Herby new potatoes cooked in a bag

Cooking new potatoes in a bag infuses them with all the flavours of the herby, butter that’s in there with them. This recipe is perfect as a side with fresh or smoked fish, roasts, ham, or with a simple green salad.

Try serving these potatoes alongside our impressive salmon stuffed with creamy spinach recipe.

New Potatoes Recipe With Herb Butter

Sea trout, new potato and asparagus traybake with dill mustard sauce

Make the most of seasonal sea trout in this vibrant fish traybake, packed with soft baby new potatoes and fresh spring asparagus, and covered in a creamy dill mustard sauce.

We’ve got more seasonal asparagus recipes here.

Fish Tray Bake Recipe with Sea Trout, New Potato and Asparagus

Crispy new potato salad with sauerkraut, ham hock and peas

Roast new potatoes until super crisp and golden, then toss in a mustard dressing and top with salty ham hock, sweet peas and tangy sauerkraut for a simple but satisfying salad.

Find more delicious ham hock recipes, from risottos and terrines to pasta bakes.

Pea and Ham Hock Salad Recipe with Crispy Spuds and Sauerkraut

Pork chop with new potato crush and paprika butter

Buttery new potatoes are crushed and muddled with peas and spring onion for an interestingly textured accompaniment to smoky paprika pork chops. An impressive midweek meal, ready in under half an hour.

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Fried Pork Chops With Paprika Butter Recipe

New potato, chicken and tarragon casserole

This new potato, chicken and tarragon casserole is a great one-pot to feed the family. It’s ready in an hour and under 500 calories – perfect for midweek.

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Chicken thighs, new potato and tarragon casserole in a large pot

Roast new potatoes with taleggio and capers

Inspired by a cheesy dripping-roasted potato side dish at Foxlow, we decided to make our own version. This indulgent new potato dish serves six and is on the table in just 35 minutes.

Explore more of our best cheesy recipes here, from the ultimate cauliflower cheese to gooey pasta bakes.

roast new potatoes with taleggio

New potato deli salad

This classic new potato deli salad is super simple to make. Under 500 calories, it makes for a is a great healthy midweek meal.

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Deli Style Potato Salad Recipe

Potato and pesto tart

Check out our simple vegetarian pesto tart, made with sliced new potatoes and ready-rolled puff pastry. It’s ready in no time, plus it’s low in calories, too.

Next, try this vegetarian baked ricotta tart recipe topped with spring veg and peashoots.

pesto and potato tart

Mustardy potato salad

This classic new potato picnic dish is quick and easy to make. This one is made with a dijon mayonnaise mix and takes just half an hour from start to finish.

Don’t forget to pack something sweet for your picnic too – see our best picnic dessert recipes for ideas.

Mustard Potato Salad Recipe

Baby new potatoes wrapped in bacon with harissa cheese dip

Check out these baby new potatoes wrapped in crispy bacon with a punchy, creamy harissa soft cheese dip. This simple recipe make an easy BBQ side dish to have at your next summer dinner party.

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Bacon Wrapped Potatoes Recipe with Cheese Dip served on a pale grey speckled round plate

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