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Why we love trout

If you’re regularly eating salmon, switch it up and try trout instead. We love it in weekend brunch recipes, such as kedgeree, eggs royale or extra special omelettes. Use fillets in easy midweek meals and traybakes, or flake into fishcakes, salads or tarts.

Health benefits of trout

As an oily fish, trout is a great source of omega-3, essential for heart health and with useful anti-inflammatory properties. It’s also a source of vitamin D, important for strong bones and boosting immunity.

Easy trout recipes

Smoked trout kedgeree with buttery leeks

Transform smoked trout, buttery leeks and some simple store cupboard ingredients into a tasty kedgeree.

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Smoked Trout Kedgeree with Leeks on a grey oval plate served with boiled eggs sliced into quarters

Hot smoked trout and chive tortilla

Add smoked trout or salmon and chives to the potato mix for a posh version of this classic Spanish dish.

Spanish Tortilla with Smoked Trout and Chives

Sea trout, new potato and asparagus traybake with dill mustard sauce

Make the most of seasonal sea trout in this vibrant fish tray bake packed with soft baby new potatoes, fresh spring asparagus and covered in a creamy dill mustard sauce.

Fish Tray Bake Recipe with Sea Trout, New Potato and Asparagus

Tommy Banks’ sea trout recipe with courgettes

Make a chef-standard starter for your next dinner party with Tommy Banks’ impressive courgette soup topped with sea trout. Create Tommy Banks’ recipes at home for the ultimate dinner party.

Tommy Banks, The Black Swan

Butter-poached trout, burnt leeks and hazelnuts

Flakes of soft, buttery trout are served on a tangle of sweet leeks in this surprisingly simple starter from The Grand Duchess in London.

close up of Butter-poached trout, burnt leeks and hazelnuts on a white plate

Smoked trout omelette with gruyère

Short on time? Our smoked trout and gruyère cheese omelette makes for a wonderfully quick and protein-rich supper.

Smoked Trout and Gruyère Cheese Omelette Recipe

Brown butter trout with cucumber and cress

A simple and fuss-free way to prepare trout – simply toss your fillets in flour and lightly pan fry them in golden-brown butter.


Sea trout fishcakes

The firmness of wild sea trout, instead of farmed, helps to hold these herb-filled fishcakes together on the plate. Try more of our fishcake recipes here…


Norwegian Fjord trout and sweet onion escabache

Learn to prepare Norwegian Fjord trout alongside a traditional sweet and spicy onion marinade.

Chicken In Tarragon Sauce With Peas

Eggs royale with smoked trout & yuzu hollandaise

We love this twist on classic eggs royale – the punchy yuzu hollandaise really cuts through the layers of smoky trout.

Eggs royale with trout and yuzu hollandaise

Trout tart with broad beans

Although it’s a tart, this filo pastry version with trout and broad beans keeps it healthy and balanced.

Filo Tart Recipe with Trout and Broad Beans

Smoked trout, new potato and grilled cucumber salad

Add trout to your summer BBQ menu – here, wood chips are used to give the trout a gorgeously smoky flavour.

Smoked Trout Recipe With New Potatoes and Grilled Cucumber Salad

Trout tiradito with purple potatoes and amarillo tiger’s milk

Play with Peruvian flavours and use sushi-grade trout to make this spectacular starter by chef Martin Morales.

Trout tiradito

Trout and leek koulibiac

Create a puff pastry centrepiece filled with trout, leek and rice for an easy family meal to serve six.

Trout and leek koulibiac

Mangetout, pea and fennel salad with smoked trout

Crunchy mangetout, pea and fennel match beautifully with smoked trout in this 20-minute summer salad.

Check out more flavourful fennel recipes.

Mangetout, pea and fennel salad with smoked trout

Gin-cured trout

This beautifully delicate starter from The Surprise in London’s Chelsea features soft trout, a tangy yogurt purée and fresh cucumber salsa.

slices of pink trout on a white plate topped with dollops of yogurt and green cucumber salsa

Lemon and garlic trout parcels with asparagus

Make the most of asparagus and trout season with a diet-friendly trout dish – it’s paleo and under 500 calories.

Lemon and garlic trout parcels with asparagus

Smoked trout frittata with peas and parsley and red onion salad

This light and fluffy smoked trout and pea frittata is perfect for picnics and summer lunch boxes.

Smoked Trout Frittata With Peas and Parsley and Red Onion Salad

Baked trout in paper

Baking a trout fillet in a paper parcel with aromatic fennel and white wine seals in all of the cooking juices – and it’s a healthier option, too.


Trout, new potato and lemon herb salad

When you want a hearty, healthy salad, simply match seasonal new potatoes with fresh trout and a zesty lemon herb salad.

Smoked Trout Salad Recipe With New Potatoes

Steamed trout with pickled cucumber and rice noodles

With Asian-inspired flavours and crunchy pickled cucumber, this steamed trout recipe makes for a light but satisfying meal.

Steamed trout with pickled cucumber and rice noodles

Trout ceviche

Try making your own ceviche – a Latin American dish of fresh fish cured in citrus juice – with trout for a deliciously light summer lunch.

Trout ceviche

Horseradish, smoked trout and mascarpone baked potatoes

Jacket potatoes are one of the ultimate comfort foods. Try these poshed-up versions with smoked trout, mascarpone and a kick of fresh horseradish.

Baked Potato Recipe with Horseradish, Smoked trout and Mascarpone

Smoked trout with warm Jersey Royals

Pick the best Jersey Royal potatoes in April or May, then pair them up with smoked trout for a classically British lunch.

smoked trout and jersey royal salad

Steamed trout with ginger and garlic

Brighten up a trout fillet with ginger and garlic, bundled onto noodles or rice. This recipe steams the fish to keep it super low on fat.

Steamed trout with ginger and garlic

Sea trout with peas and lettuce

Step into spring with this sea trout recipe from chef Alistair Craig, of The Horseshoe Inn in Peebles.

Sea trout with peas and lettuce

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