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Why we love brussels sprouts

Cultivated in Belgium in the 16th century (hence the name), brussels sprouts are a relative of cabbage and they share a similar flavour profile of tasting slightly mustardy, sweet and (some people think) bitter. Often overcooked if boiled, which brings out more of their bitterness, stir-frying or roasting is the best method of cooking sprouts. They can also be eaten raw, finely shredded and added to slaws or salads.

Health benefits of brussels sprouts

Sprouts have some impressive health credentials. They’re high in a number of antioxidants, which are known for reducing inflammation in the body and supporting a healthy heart. They also contain compounds that may help protect against cancer, and they’re rich in sulphur so they may contribute to good gut health.

Easy brussels sprouts recipes

Brussels sprouts gratin

This epic festive side dish combines brussels sprouts with streaky bacon and is baked until golden and crisp.

Alternatively, try our cauliflower and manchego cheese gratin.

A brussels sprout and bacon gratin in a large white baking dish, next to a plate of parsnips

Brussels sprouts with bacon and chestnuts

This easy brussels sprouts recipe uses only four ingredients and is a great side dish to serve a crowd. The smoked streaky bacon adds a salty kick to the buttered green vegetable.

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’Nduja-fried sprouts

’Nduja adds a touch of fiery spice and meaty richness to this easy, speedy side dish.

Got ‘nduja leftover? Check out our top ways to use it.

Best Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Sticky miso roast sprouts

There are so many ways to make the most of sprouts while they’re in season – here, they’re slicked with umami-packed miso and zingy lime, and roasted until golden and caramelised.

Next up, try our creamy miso and celeriac soup.

An oval oven dish filled with miso roasted sprouts on a black background

Creamy sprouts and pancetta spaghetti

Pair earthy brussels sprouts with plenty of cream, pancetta, garlic, white wine and lemon for an indulgent dinner for two.

Or try a classic spaghetti carbonara.

Sprouts Pancetta Creamy Spaghetti

Creamed sprouts with brown buttered walnuts

Even sprout haters will enjoy these. They’re cooked with butter, cream and chicken stock. You can make them in the morning, then just reheat and add the walnuts to serve.

A great alternative is creamed spinach with nutmeg and grueyère.

Creamed sprouts with brown buttered walnuts on a white serving platter

Brussels sprouts bhajis with raita

Coated lightly in spices and served with a fresh minty dip, these crispy sprout clusters make a great starter at a winter dinner party.

Wow the crowd with our dinner party mains.

Brussels sprouts bhajis with raita

Cacio e pepe sprouts

Take your Christmas feast to the next level with these jazzed-up salt and pepper sprouts tossed with pecorino cheese.

Like these? You’ll love our cacio e pepe pizza.

Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Cheese

Sprouts with ginger and orange

Adding warm ginger and zesty orange is a great way to bring flavour to sprouts – everyone is sure to come back for seconds.

For a zingy starter, try carrot and orange soup.

Brussels Sprouts Recipe With Ginger And Orange

Spiced sprout fritters with duck eggs

Have these easy fritters for brunch, dinner or whenever you fancy. They’re vegetarian and low calorie. Perfect for when you want something a little lighter after all those rich meals.

Or serve up leek fritters.

Spiced Sprout Fritters With Duck Eggs

Deep-fried brussel sprouts

Our simple recipe for deep-fried sprouts with a sweet and savoury dressing makes a great snack or side – a moreish way to serve the vegetable.

Read 10 beer snacks and what to drink with them.

Deep-fried Brussels sprouts in serving dishes

Marmalade-glazed sprouts with chestnuts

Give Christmas sprouts an effortless twist with marmalade, chestnuts and thyme. Frying steamed sprouts in butter lends colour and a velvety shine to your veg.

Take your Christmas lunch to the next level with our side dish recipes.

A dish of sprouts in somebody's hands

Caramelised shallots and brussels sprouts

We’ve added pancetta, shallots and honey to sprouts for a showstopping side dish. Caramelising the shallots and sprouts gives this classic side a deeper flavour, and the calvados adds an extra zing.

Sip on a warming hot toddy, also made with calvados.

Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Shallots

Soy and sesame sautéed sprouts

Our Asian soy and sesame twist on brussels sprouts is an easy yet inventive way to serve this unloved veg for Christmas dinner.

For another veggie dish, try soy and butter-braised mushrooms.

Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Sesame

Garam masala roast brussels sprouts

Liven up your Christmas dinner with this Indian-inspired take on the humble brussels sprout. The homemade garam masala can be kept for up to three months and is great for adding to curries.

Be inspired by our Indian recipes.

Garam Masala Roast Brussels Sprouts Recipe

Brussels waldorf

This shredded sprouts salad recipe includes apples, walnuts and celery for a fresh festive side dish. Try making it on Boxing Day with leftover sprouts, too.

Check out our classic waldorf salad.

Waldorf Salad Recipe with Brussels Sprouts served on a oval white serving dish

Caramelised onion, sprout and bacon hash with chilli fried eggs

Spruce up your leftover sprouts with our crispy bacon and caramelised onion hash topped with chilli fried eggs. This easy recipe will make a quick dinner over the festive season and is ready in just 30 minutes.

Another crowd-pleaser is our turkey, leek and bacon pie.

Hash Recipe with Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

Shredded brussels sprouts salad

Looking for ways to use up your leftover brussels sprouts over Christmas? Try our Italian-style brussels salad with crispy pancetta and toasted walnuts – it’s the ideal light salad to serve as part of your Boxing Day buffet.

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Brussels Sprout Salad Recipe

Deep-fried blooming sprouts with tahini dip

Looking for ways to spruce up your sprouts? Serve them crispy with a thick and creamy tahini dip – delicious.

For a sweet treat, try our carrot and tahini muffins.

Deep Fried Brussels Sprouts Recipe with Tahini

Crisp greens with shallot, pancetta and chestnut butter

Try this new take on brussels sprouts for your Christmas dinner. You can blanche your greens and make the butter in advance, then just heat it through to serve.

Don’t forget our make-ahead gravy.

Greens With Shallot, Pancetta And Chestnut Butter Recipe

Chicken and shredded sprouts pie with butterbean mash

This pie with butterbean mash is a healthy version of your favourite comfort food. Use brussels sprouts for a real depth of flavour.

See our healthy chicken and leek pie,

Chicken And Shredded Sprouts Pie With Butterbean Mash Recipe

Brussels sprouts with kale, bacon and chestnuts

Easy and speedy to make, we’ve added bacon and chestnut to this festive vegetable for a smoky, salty flavour.

Enjoy kale in our creamy gnocchi bake.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon Recipe

Brussels sprout sauerkraut

Make the most of brussels sprout season by shredding the veg and mixing it with zingy ginger, caraway seeds and peppercorns, before fermenting it over a few days to get a spiced kraut.

Minimise food waste with our delicious Christmas leftover recipes.

A glass jar filled with shredded sprouts

Besan bhaji with brussels sprout tops

Celebrate sprout tops in this Indian-inspired brunch dish, served with a side of cranberry jelly. Besan bhaji is similar to scrambled eggs in texture, so it’s a nutritious plant-based alternative.

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A bowl filled with green sprout tops and topped with sliced red onion, green coriander with yogurt on the side

Bacon, brussels sprouts and chilli broth

This broth is a brilliantly healthy way to warm up winter and use up any leftovers you might have.

Browse our easy winter soups.

Bacon, Brussels And Chilli Broth Recipe

Buddha bowls with shredded sprouts

Buddha bowls are full of nutritious ingredients. They contain a balance of grains, protein, veggies and carb, so get creative and use what you have in the fridge. We love adding shredded sprouts for crunch.

Check out our vegan buddha bowl.

Vegan Buddha Bowl

Slow-roasted lamb with roasted salsify, brussels sprouts tops and bagna cauda

This recipe for slow-roasted lamb with roasted salsify, brussels sprouts tops and bagna cauda comes from Bernardi’s in London.

Make your own mint sauce to accompany this roast lamb.

Slow-roasted leg of lamb with roasted salsify brussel tops & bang cauda at Bernardi's, London

Wild mushrooms, fried duck egg, brussels sprouts, walnut & truffle

This tasty combination of sprouts, mushrooms and duck egg makes an elegant starter.

Tuck into wild mushrooms and horseradish labneh on toast.

Wild mushrooms, fried duck egg, brussels sprouts, walnut & truffle

Venison steaks with stir-fried sprouts

Serve delicate slices of seared venison with a bubble-and-squeak-style hash made from brussels sprouts, floury potatoes, walnuts and fruit.

See more flavoursome venison recipes.

venison steak with celeriac

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