30 Best Vegetarian BBQ Ideas

Vegetarian BBQ recipes

Vegetarian BBQ flatbreads

A great way to use up any leftover veg, check out these loaded veggie flatbreads for an interesting BBQ option.

flatbreads spread with ricotta and topped with ricotta and green veg on a wooden board

Chilli paneer skewers

Serve these sizzling chilli paneer skewers, marinated in chilli, cumin and yogurt, at your next summer barbecue.

A round flatbread topped with bbq paneer skewers on a wooden board with a blue background

Mushroom shawarma

This is a stunning kebab recipe which also happens to be vegan, as the toum sauce is made without egg. It’s so worth making your own shawarma spice mix, so don’t skip that step! This delicious and novel skewer recipe will definitely intrigue our BBQ guests.

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Mushroom shawarma

BBQ courgettes

The irresistible flavour combination of smoky charred courgettes, creamy labneh and crunchy granola makes this a brilliant BBQ dish for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

A platter of charred courgettes on a linen napkin

BBQ aubergine muhammara

Aubergines and peppers come ultra-smoky and sweet in this versatile dip, making one show-off side dish to present at your next BBQ.

BBQ aubergine and pepper dip in a bowl with a blue and orange background

Corn ribs

Instead of cooking them in a frying pan, try barbecuing these kombu-seasoned corn ribs for a stunning addition to your summery spread.

A round bowl of cooked corn ribs on a marble surface

Potato and paneer kebabs

Paneer is a mild-tasting cheese that’s great for absorbing flavours. Here it’s marinated in lemon juice and gunpowder spice before being grilled on skewers to make for a simple starter or light lunch.

A plate of paneer skewers with cucumber and carrot salad next to a board of more skewers

Aubergine kebabs with charred onion salsa

A great way to cook aubergine on the BBQ. Here, slices get coated in pomegranate molasses, cumin, cinnamon, aleppo pepper and sumac before hitting the grill on skewers and being served with an onion, garlic, chilli and lemon salsa. Swap the yogurt for a plant-based version and you’ve got a great vegan BBQ dish.

Aubergine Kebabs with Charred Onion Salsa

Charred tomatoes with sourdough

Hot charred tomatoes are offset by a cool garlic yogurt in BBQ expert Helen Graves’s light and summery dish – cook in a griddle pan or under a hot grill if you don’t have a barbecue.

A white plate of charred tomatoes piled on a bed of yogurt with a spoon and fork, sat on a pale blue cloth

Jerk halloumi burger

This veggie burger is big on flavour thanks to jerk halloumi. This vegetarian BBQ dish is really easy to make, is ready in just 20 minutes and feeds four.

Veggie Burger Recipe For Jerk Halloumi Burgers

Mexican elotes

This vegetarian BBQ idea is a classic way to eat corn in Mexico, and is usually bought from street vendors. Mexican crema is similar to soured cream, but saltier and creamier – perfect for cooling the fiery chilli powder in this recipe.

Mexican Elotes Recipe

Smoky miso aubergines

Miso and aubergine is a match made in heaven, and this recipe is the perfect vegetarian option for the BBQ this summer.

Grilled Aubergine Recipe with Miso

Whole tandoori cauliflower with jewelled rice salad

Check out this Indian-style whole roasted cauliflower with fluffy rice, pomegranate seeds and crunchy pistachios. Make this showstopping veggie dish to impress friends and family at your next BBQ.

Whole tandoori cauliflower with jewelled rice salad

Courgette lollipops

Check out these easy veggie skewers with courgettes soaked in a citrusy sweet marinade with a hint of chilli. Make these quick skewers as a simple veggie BBQ side.

Courgette Vegetable Skewers Recipe

Chargrilled baby aubergines meze

Check out this easy veggie meze with chargrilled baby aubergines. This simple yet incredibly moreish recipe is ready in under an hour, a perfect dish to serve at your next summer BBQ.

Aubergine Meze Recipe

Spiced halloumi and watermelon skewers

Try these super simple skewers with salty halloumi and sweet watermelon to serve at your next BBQ as a vegetarian option.

Halloumi Skewers Recipe with Watermelon

Turmeric and coconut paneer with charred naans

This paneer recipe will make your summer vegetarian BBQ much more interesting. Use an old baking tray to cook the naans as it wont be fit for using in the oven afterwards. Alternatively, cook them in a heavy-based frying pan on the hob until golden and puffed on both sides.

Coconut Paneer with Naan Bread Recipe

Beetroot and halloumi sliders with chilli jam

These vegetarian sliders made from chickpeas, beetroot and halloumi work great as snacks, starters or even a main course, simply adjust the portion size each time!

Veggie Burger Sliders | Halloumi Burger with Beetroot

Umeboshi tempeh and pineapple kebabs

Delicious chunks of marinated tempeh work brilliantly with juicy pineapple in this easy vegan alternative to the traditional BBQ skewer.

Pineapple Kebabs with Tempeh on a White Plate

Grillable vegan burgers

With their full-on flavour and meaty texture, suitable for the grill, these completely vegan loaded burgers are an absolute must at any vegetarian BBQ.

Marinated summer veg antipasti

The best vegetarian antipasti recipes use a colourful mix of summer veg. This easy one is an easy sharing plate of aubergines, peppers, courgette and mushrooms. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the juices.

Vegetarian Antipasti Recipe

Smoky mushroom and walnut-stuffed portobellos

A quick and easy vegan recipe for the BBQ. These work well as quick and easy veggie burgers too; put them into buns with hummus, salad leaves and roasted red peppers.

Mushroom and Walnut Stuffed Mushrooms

Watermelon and halloumi salad

Warm, salty halloumi goes brilliantly here with sweet watermelon and fresh mint – ideal for a BBQ side dish.

Halloumi and Watermelon Salad on a White Plate

Lemon and mint marinated courgettes

These zesty grilled courgettes are a great vegetarian summer side dish to serve at your next BBQ.

lemon and mint marinated courgettes

Grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt

We love avocado! With this recipe for grilled avocado halves with harissa hummus and tahini yogurt, we’ve promoted it to our vegetarian BBQ star.

19 Vegetarian BBQ Recipes for a Veggie Grill

Grilled peas

These grilled peas are so easy to make, and so addictively good, that you’ll want them as a snack as often as you can.

Grilled pea pods on plate with slice of lemon

Sage, honey and roasted red pepper cornbread

This vegetarian cornbread with sage, honey and roasted red pepper is super moist and easy to make. Drizzle with honey and serve with a little grated parmesan, this recipe is a great afternoon treat.

Sage, Honey & Roasted Red Pepper Cornbread Recipe

Grilled Caeser salad

Our quick and easy grilled caesar salad is a great option for a vegetarian BBQ side. What’s more, it’s vegetarian and gluten-free, plus it comes in at under 500 calories.

Easy Grilled Caesar Salad Recipe

Malay-grilled aubergine with ketjap manis, lime and spring onion

This simple vegetarian recipe for a warm aubergine salad is so delicious. Perfect with grilled meats or as a vegetarian dish, the sweet soy-chilli sauce is quick to make as a dressing.

Tender spring onions with charred romesco

This seasonal spring onion idea makes a great vegan alternative for the BBQ.

Tender spring onions with charred romesco

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