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Empire biscuits with jam in the middle and icing on a wire rack

Anzac biscuits

These Anzac biscuits, made using oats, golden syrup and desiccated coconut, really hit the spot when you’re craving something sweet.

Oaty biscuits on a wire cooling rack next to a small white plate and cup of tea with a grey stone background

Posh Jammie Dodgers

We’ve given the ultimate classic biscuit a posh makeover. This Jammie Dodger recipe gives a childhood favourite biscuit an update, it’s a really impressive tea time snack.

jammie dodgers

Digestive biscuits

The mighty digestive is a deserving classic. Thanks to this recipe by Regula Ysewijn you can make your own at home and enjoy them oven-warm.

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Digestive biscuits


Roll cookie dough in cinnamon sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth – you can even freeze the unbaked dough balls for whenever you need a last-minute treat.

Snickerdoodle cookies on a wire cooling rack

Shortbread biscuits

Discover how to achieve buttery, melt-in-the-mouth shortbread cookies using just four ingredients.These classic biscuits are easy to bake and take just 30 minutes.

Shortbread cookies on a tray and in a jar


These twice-baked biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea. They are traditionally made with skin-on almonds that give a delicate nutty flavour.

Pieces of biscotti on a wire rack on a blue background

Chocolate rye volcano cookies

This recipe from baking legend Edd Kimber makes some seriously good chocolate cookies. We call them volcanoes because as they bake, they erupt and spread into fabulous, fudgy cookies.

Chocolate Rye Volcano Cookies Recipe

Fistikli un kurabiyesi (pistachio shortbread cookies)

These crumbly, buttery biscuits are a Turkish national favourite – this version features pistachios in the dough for extra flavour and texture.

Fıstıklı un kurabiyesi (pistachio shortbread cookies) on a plate next to a coffee

Syrian barazek shortbreads

Barazek cookies or biscuits are thin, crispy and usually come with sesame and pistachios. They’re easy-to-make and are traditionally served as sweet treats in Syrian bakeries.

Black and white heart shaped Barazek shortbread cookies (sesame and pistachio biscuits)

Double-dipped peanut biscuits

Chocolate and peanut butter is a classic combination, and these double-dipped peanut biscuits really make the most of it. They’re super easy to make and are a delicious sweet treat.

Best ever biscuit recipes - Double-dipped peanut biscuits recipe

Pistachio swirl biscuits

Made with cocoa and pistachio, these nutty treats are quick and easy to bake. Make plenty – they won’t last for long when the family spots them.

Pistachio Pinwheel Cookie Swirl Recipe

Viennese whirls

These buttery, melt-in-the-mouth biscuits with a fluffy marshmallow filling are a tea-time blast from the past.

Marshmellow Vienesse Biscuits

Salted caramel shortbread

This shortbread recipe is the perfect way to blend sweet and salty flavours for a moreish effect. It’s a quick and easy traybake and will please a crowd. We love traybakes, so we’ve created a collection right here.

Salted Caramel Shortbread Recipe

Chocolate concrete

Crunchy and crumbly, this chocolate treat is somewhere between a cake and a biscuit – serve with a hot cup of tea and some custard.

Squares of chocolate concrete cake on a pink background

Cobnut and chocolate shortbreads

Add cobnuts (part of the hazelnut family) to your shortbread and your teatime treat just got a whole lot better.

Cobnut and Chocolate Shortbreads Recipe

Chocolate chip cookies

Check out our best chocolate chip cookie recipe, soft and chewy in the middle with a perfectly crisp outside. Packed with oozing dark chocolate and topped with sea salt flakes, these quick cookies make an easy weekend treat.

Chocolate chip cookies topped with sea salt flakes

Pink pepper shortbreads

Check out this showstopper recipe for zesty lemon and pink pepper shortbread with lemon mousse. Pink peppercorns have an almost citrusy zing so pair brilliantly with the lemon.

Lemon Mousse With Shortbread Recipe

Nutella cookies with walnut and sea salt

If you love Nutella then you’ll love these seriously moreish malted chocolate cookies with walnuts. These chewy salty-sweet treats go perfectly with your mid-morning tea. Get even more Nutella recipes here.

Dark Chocolate Cookies Recipe with Walnuts

Caramelised white chocolate florentines

Ready in just 20 minutes, our florentine biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee. White chocolate can be very sweet, so caramelising gives it a toffee-like dimension – think posh Caramac bars.

Florentine Recipe with White Chocolate

Lemon curd and poppy seed sandwich biscuits

If you’re a Jammie Dodgers fan you’ll love these sandwich biscuits with crunchy poppy seeds and their creamy, zesty filling.

A batch of sandwich cookies on a tray with lemon curd centres

Cinnamon biscuits

These crisp iced biscuits are flavoured with warming cinnamon and ginger spices. They are sure to fill your kitchen with enticing festive aromas.

Decorated cinnamon Christmas biscuits

Sweet oat biscuits

Add a pinch of nutmeg and cinnamon to these sweet oat biscuits for a festive twist, served with quince or pear jelly and cream – this recipe comes from chef and founder of Lyle’s, James Lowe.

Shards of oat biscuits on a board with cheese and chutney

Ginger shortbread biscuits

This crumbly shortbread with sweet and peppery root ginger is topped with crystallised stem ginger to add a final sweet touch. Perfect for elevenses with a hot cup of tea, or alternatively with strawberries and cream for dessert.

Shortbread Recipe for Ginger Shortbread Cookies

Homemade Bourbon biscuits and rhubarb liqueur ice cream

Check out this moreish recipe for homemade bourbon biscuits with creamy rhubarb liqueur ice cream. You’ll be left with extra biscuits and ice cream from this recipe for later.

Bourbon Biscuit Recipe with Rhubarb Ice Cream

Rosemary and walnut shortbread

This homemade biscuit recipe is an original take on Scottish shortbread with a crunch of walnut and a piney aroma of rosemary. Try drizzling with dark chocolate for a special touch and serve with a cup of tea.

Rosemary and Walnut Shortbread Recipe

Here are some of our fun baking recipes using our favourite biscuits and cookies…

Bourbon biscuit brownies

What’s better than a chocolate Bourbon biscuit? Chocolate Bourbon brownies! Trust us, you’ll need to make a double batch. Try our best brownie recipes for more baking inspiration.

Bourbon biscuit brownies

Jammie Dodgers blondies

Check out these super fun blondies using a children’s classic biscuit, Jammie Dodgers. These moreish white chocolate blondies are a great alternative to a traditional brownie and will go perfectly with your afternoon cuppa.

White Chocolate Blondie Recipe with Jammie Dodgers

Oreo Bailey’s fridge cake

We have used lots of Oreo cookies and Baileys cream to make the most indulgent fridge cake. Icebox cakes are popular in America and are incredibly simple to make – simply layer thin, crisp chocolate biscuits with sweetened whipped cream. Left overnight, the biscuits soften and become ‘cake’.

Oreo Baileys fridge cake, with a large chunk taken out to reveal the layered filling

Custard Cream blondies

Ever thought of adding custard creams to your blondie mixture? It’s genius! Have a go this weekend.

Custard Cream Blondies Recipe

We talk about our weird and wonderful biscuit-eating habits here…

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