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Gently spiced Baja cod fish tacos served with pickled chillies, purple slaw and homemade avocado crema dressing

Birria tacos

Craft these Jalisco-style tacos with beef braised in a robust charred tomato sauce, featuring three chilli varieties. Pull the meat, stuff it in tortillas, and dip into the smoky juices for the perfect taco night.

Beef tacos next to a bowl of gravy

Tacos al pastor

Make the most of pork shoulder with this easy tacos recipe. Cook them for a crowd at your next party.

Tacos Al Pastor recipe containing pork, pineapple, onion and coriander

Breakfast tacos

Our super easy breakfast tacos makes a fun way to start any day. We suggest using eggs with deep yellow yolks, like Burford Browns, so you get a nice colour contrast with the beans and chorizo.

A tray of breakfast tacos holding scrambled egg, chorizo and beans

Beer battered fish tacos

These fish tacos see cod goujons coated in a black garlic marinade then stuffed into tortilla wraps with zingy red cabbage.

A plate topped with beer battered fish in tortillas with pickled red cabbage and wedges of lime

Steak tacos

Tacos are loaded with steak and fresh, crunchy radishes, served with hot sauce and soured cream to create a crowd-pleasing Tex-Mex main.

Tacos stuffed with radishes and steak

Chicken tacos

Easy for entertaining, these pulled chicken tacos are as good as their slow-cooked counterpart, but are made with a few shortcuts to save time.

A board topped with two corn tortillas, topped with pulled chicken and limes on the side

Vegan tacos

These vibrant vegan sweet potato and black bean tacos, featuring zingy homemade salsa and pickled onions, make a fun Saturday night dinner for up to four.

Four tacos on a wooden board with small bowls of salsa and pink pickled onions with wedges of lime on a grey stone background

Beef cheek tacos with green salsa

Enjoy these spiced beef cheek tacos, topped with green chilli and avocado salsa.

Two tacos filled with beef cheek, salsa, pickled onion and topped with coriander. Next to a pile of tortillas and a bowl of beef cheek.

Quick pork tacos

Want a speedy midweek meal? These crisp tacos are packed with strips of pork tenderloin and black beans with chipotle (and they’re under 500 calories, too) Put everything on the table and let people help themselves.

A slate of tacos filled with pork, beans, red onion, soured cream and coriander

Salmon tacos

These zesty lime grilled salmon tacos with avocado cream are a really great option for a fresh meal for spring. They’re ready in just 20 minutes, making them perfect for a midweek meal or for when it’s too hot to cook for too long.

A tray of salmon tacos with avocado cream and limes wedges

Slow-cooked pulled pork carnitas

Fill soft tacos with tender pulled pork cooked in smoky chipotle and oregano, and top with zingy red cabbage, chillies and coriander for an easy way to feed a crowd.

Pork Carnitas Recipe

Pulled pork tacos

Serve these pulled pork tacos – cooked in cola, lime juice and orange juice – and watch the crowds gather.

Three tacos filled with pulled pork, charred corn and pink onion on a bright blue background

Healthy tacos

This healthy twist on tacos comes bursting with vibrant veggies – they’re easy to assemble and are sure to go down well with vegan and meat-eaters alike.

Taco Topped with Sliced Charred Courgette, Black Beans and Red Onion

Jackfruit tacos

Smoked paprika jackfruit tacos, served with homemade tomato salsa and plenty of chilli sauce… it’s the perfect party food for your vegan friends!

Five jackfruit tacos containing avocado and homemade tomato salsa with lime wedges on the side

Sweet potato and black bean tacos

Turn your tacos meat-free with spiced sweet potatoes and black beans topped with a zingy coriander salsa.

Tacos featuring sweet potato, black beans and coriander salsa

Tofu tacos

Tofu doesn’t have to be boring with this recipe for Cajun tofu tacos. They’re vegan, low calorie, and only need 30 minutes cooking time. Try more inventive tofu recipes.

Cajun tofu tacos topped with salsa, cabbage, yogurt and lime wedges for squeezing over

Halloumi tacos

Sharing is caring, so why not make these crusted halloumi tacos with pico de gallo for everyone to enjoy? Set everything up on the table and let your dinner companions help themselves. Ready in under 25 minutes, these veggie tacos are a really quick and easy tasty dinner idea.

A plate of vegetarian tacos With halloumi and pico de gallo

Sweetcorn tacos

Pack in heaps of colour and flavour to your vegetarian entertaining with these vibrant charred sweetcorn tacos. Serve with a homemade feta and avocado crema plus punchy pickled onions.

Sweetcorn Tacos with Avocado Cream and Quick Pickled Onions

Cheeseburger tacos

Make our homemade cheeseburger (complete with DIY burger sauce), tucked inside an oh-so-handy taco and topped with pink pickled onions for a fun entertaining idea.

Yellow tortilla wraps filled with mince, red onion and salad leaves

Grilled pepper tacos

Make these vegan grilled pepper tacos with spicy mole sauce. Mole sauce is a wonderful staple of Mexican cuisine – a satisfying blend of smoky chillies, peanuts, spices and dark chocolate. It’s usually found on enchiladas but here it compliments the sweet bitterness of green peppers, blistered over the grill for the ultimate plant-based tacos.

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Tacos loaded with grilled peppers, chillies and mole sauce

Prawn tacos

Fill tortillas with punchy stir-fried prawns and a chopped tomato and coriander salad to make the speediest midweek tacos, ready in just 10 minutes.

Prawn tacos next to a pan of prawns and bowl of chopped tomato and coriander salad

Cauliflower tacos

These vegan, low calorie buffalo cauliflower tacos are ready in just 35 minutes and so packed with flavour that you wont even notice you’re being virtuous. Cauliflower is super on-trend.

Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

Beer-braised lamb tacos

Impress your friends at your next BBQ with these super tender lamb shoulder tacos. Serve with our homemade charred green tomato salsa and a moreish bean salad. You can use regular red tomatoes for this if you can’t get green.

Braised lamb tacos on a wooden plank with with tomato salsa

Roasted squash and black bean tacos

Our vegetarian tacos make for an midweek meal. Roasting squash brings out its natural sweetness which balances nicely with the earthy beans.

Tacos containing roasted squash, black beans, red onion and jalapeño slices

Lamb tacos with minted pea guacamole

Check out these quick and easy lamb tacos. This vibrant Mexican recipe makes a fun midweek meal to get stuck into.

Lamb tacos with minted pea guacamole, feta and onion

Chorizo tacos with pico de gallo

This traditional Mexican meal is a delicious fresh filling for tortillas, packed with crunchy chorizo and topped with a classic Mexican salsa, everyone will love making their own tacos.

Chorizo tacos featuring pico de gallo, black beans and salad

Chicken taquitos

Get your family and friends around and tuck in to these Mexican chicken taquitos. They’re easy to make and you can mix and match your fillings with different cheeses, fresh vegetables and salads. Serve with sour cream and our homemade salsa dip.

Chicken taquitos

Carne asada tacos

Carne asada, or beef tacos, are made with grilled steak and served with guacamole, pickled chillies and a fresh coriander salsa. Assemble on the table and let everyone dig in for a taco party!

Wooden board topped with beef tacos and side bowls of guacamole and salad

Baja-California style battered spicy fish tacos

These Baja-California style fish tacos are a classic Mexican peninsular snack. Gently spiced and fried in a crisp batter, serve with pickled chillies, purple slaw and homemade avocado crema dressing and you’re good to go!

fish tacos

Crab and avocado tacos

Make our zingy fish tacos with fresh crab, perfectly sliced avocado and hints of chilli – plus they’re ready in just 15 minutes, perfect for a quick summer entertaining idea. Discover more of our recipes ready in under 30 minutes here.

Crab tacos with avocado, coriander and chillies

Buttermilk fried squid and kimchi tacos

Change up your traditional tacos and try crispy squid. Fried in crunchy breadcrumbs and served with lots of Korean spices, as well as kimchi, the traditional fermented vegetable side dish. Makes the best show-off dinner-party starter.

Buttermilk fried squid and kimchi tacos with sliced radishes and pea shoots on a black slate

Bean chilli tacos

Our quick and easy veggie tacos with zesty lime and tangy soured cream will make the whole family happy and are perfect for a midweek meal. Fresh coriander makes all the difference here.

Bean chilli tacos, a pot of soured cream and lime wedge on a white slab

Salmon and black bean tacos

Take soft flaky salmon and rub over spicy chipotle for a bit of heat to the standard fish taco, serve with traditional black beans for a quick and easy Mexican midweek meal. Plus they’re ready in just 20 minutes too. (This simple recipe also works with prawns or firm white fish).

Salmon Tacos Recipe with Black Bean

Tuna tacos with spring fattoush and tahini yogurt

Mexico meets the Middle East with this recipe for tuna tacos with spring fattoush and tahini yogurt from Cat Ashton.

Tuna tacos with salad and a small bowl of yogurt

Black sesame and cardamom tacos

Who says you can’t have tacos for dessert?? A show-stopping, indulgent dessert for any occasion, this recipe comes from chef Jackson Berg from moveable restaurant Xiringuito in Liverpool.

Black sesame and cardamom taco from Xiringuit, liverpool

Need some tips for slicing chillis for your tacos? Here’s our expert 20-second video guide:

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