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Make this quick and easy vanilla cheesecake to share with friends and family – they’ll never know it’s vegan.

Vegan vanilla cheesecake topped with berries and cherries

Blueberry meringue pie

Try this plant-based twist on the classic lemon meringue pie, which still delivers a zesty punch, balanced with flaky, buttery pastry, and a smooth, creamy aquafaba meringue.

A beautiful blueberry tart with a crown of scorched meringue on top of it

Vegan chocolate mousse

Silken tofu is the secret ingredient in this smooth, creamy and totally plant-based chocolate mousse. It’s just as indulgent as the classic version, so everyone at the table will love it, vegan or not.

Vegan chocolate mousse

Vegan apple crumble

All you need to do is swap butter for melted coconut oil to make a comforting vegan apple crumble. This one is flavoured with warming cinnamon.

Vegan Crumble Recipe

Vegan sticky toffee pudding

Let warming spices and a rich toffee sauce (made with homemade cashew cream) do the talking with this vegan sticky toffee pudding recipe.

Vegan Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

Vegan chocolate cheesecake

Top a fudgy Oreo biscuit base with silken tofu and dark chocolate for a rich, plant-based cheesecake.

Easy Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Vegan eton mess

Who’d have thought aquafaba (the liquid found in a tin of chickpeas) could make such glossy, chewy meringue? Pair it with coconut yogurt and lots of berries for a great vegan mess.

Vegan Eton Mess Recipe

Vegan tiramisu

Try chef Rishim Sachdeva’s delicious vegan version of a tiramisu – the sponge is made with soy milk and apple cider vinegar.

Vegan tiramisu in a bowl

Vegan French toast

A maple-cinnamon glaze helps crisp up the toast and caramelise the edges in this sweet french toast recipe which just happens to be vegan.

Vegan French Toast with Berries and Yogurt

Vegan chocolate layer cake

Decent espresso powder is the key to this luxurious vegan chocolate sponge, sandwiched together with indulgent (and butter-free) chocolate buttercream.

Vegan chocolate cake

Vegan lemon meringue pie

Now everyone can enjoy a slice of lemon meringue pie, thanks to Tom Adams’s impressive vegan recipe.

A lemon meringue pie on a white plate with a large slice cut out of it

Vegan banana ice cream

Dairy-free, no-churn, no-effort ice cream. What’s not to love? Once you’re confident with the process, try experimenting with different flavours.

No-churn banana ice cream

Whole roasted pineapple in spiced caramel

Check out this impressive whole roasted pineapple with caramel sauce. Try to find a ripe pineapple (make sure the outside is golden, not green) but if you can’t, keep one near bananas for a couple of days to ripen it.

Baked Pineapple Recipe with Caramel Sauce

Vegan lemon drizzle cake

A delicate, zingy lemon cake made without eggs, milk or butter! The key to that lemony tang is a decent lemon extract (we use Nielsen-Massey).

Vegan Lemon Cake Recipe

Vegan meringues

It sounds mad, but it does work, believe us! The brine from a tin of chickpeas (called aquafaba) takes over from eggs in this meringue recipe.

Vegan meringues on a surface and in a dessert

Rum-roasted pineapple and spice pie

Try our impressive pie recipe for an easy vegan dessert. The vegan pastry is deliciously crisp and crumbly, with extra texture from the chia seeds. Plus, it’s packed with rum-soaked roasted pineapple and plenty of spice.

Pineapple Pie Recipe with Rum

Dairy-free coconut, mango and turmeric fool

These are light and delicate puddings. The coconut and mango combination is really refreshing and you don’t even notice it’s dairy-free because of the creaminess of the coconut cream. Also, the addition of turmeric adds a zingy flavour.

turmeric fool - superfood 2017

Thyme, elderflower and lemon ice lollies

These thyme, elderflower and lemon ice lollies make great grown-up desserts in the summer. You can make this recipe into a cordial too, just reduce the water to 750ml and strain into sterilised jars.

Lemon Ice Lolly Recipe With Thyme and Elderflower

Vegan scones

We’ve come up with these soft, fluffy vegan versions so no one misses out. Serve with a plant-based spread or coconut whipping cream and jam.

A batch of golden vegan scones on a cooling rack, with a pot of cream and jam

Vegan brownies

Bake a batch of our decadent vegan chocolate brownies for an indulgent teatime. Our unique recipe is super chocolatey, so vegan and non-vegan friends and family will enjoy.

Vegan Brownies Recipe

Vegan lemon sheet cake

Use olive oil in place of butter and chia seeds instead of eggs in this lighter, grown-up version of lemon cake.

A frosted sheet cake with one slice taken out of it

Vegan chocolate cupcakes

A batch of these dairy-free cupcakes, topped with a swirl of rich chocolate frosting, are guaranteed to go down a treat after dinner.

Chocolate cupcakes on a cake stand

Classic vegan carrot cake

Made with a surprising vegan ingredient, this classic frosted carrot cake guarantees a moist sponge every time.

Vegan carrot cake topped with walnuts on a white cake stand

Vegan banana bread

This recipe for vegan banana bread is both super moreish and moist, plus, it’s super easy to make.

Easy Vegan Banana Bread Sliced on a Board

Vegan shortbread biscuits

Follow expert baking tips from School Night Vegan to ensure you get lovely crumbly biscuits every time.

Vegan Shortbread Recipe

Vegan birthday cake

You’d never guess this super chocolatey cake is made without any dairy or eggs. It makes for a stunning birthday centrepiece that everyone can share.

A chocolate frosted cake on a white cake stand with a slice cut out of it in front of a white background

Vegan chocolate cookies

Everyone can enjoy these gooey double chocolate chip cookies, that just happen to be vegan. Made with dark chocolate and coconut oil, they are both dairy-free and egg-free.

Vegan Cookie Recipe

Vegan pumpkin pie

Cut corners with ready-made pastry and a tin of pumpkin purée to make this sweet, spiced treat that’s perfect for autumn.

Pumpkin pie on a grey marble kitchen top

Vegan flapjacks

We use agave syrup for a vegan version of these dairy-free breakfast bars, with dates and nut butter used to help hold together.

Vegan Flapjack Recipe

Vegan cinnamon rolls

Tahini, cardamom and dates give these vegan rolls a lovely creamy twist. Best served with a hot cup of coffee.

Vegan Cinnamon Rolls Recipe With Tahini, Cardamom and Dates

Healthy blondies

Recreate this vegan spin on blondies, using coconut sugar for a caramelised flavour, coconut milk for a creamy texture and blueberries for a fruity zing.

Vegan blueberry coconut blondies on a blue plate

Healthy muffins

These vegan crumble muffins make a moreish teatime treat, bursting with banana and pineapple, and gently spiced with cardamom and cinnamon.

Three golden muffins in paper cases on a pale blue napkin

Sugar-free banana bread

Wonderful served with dairy-free yogurt, we’ve used silken tofu in place of eggs in this vegan banana berry traybake.

A tray filled with chunks of banana and berry cake

Sugar-free cookies

These small vegan cookies are a real family treat — ground almonds provide a nutty flavour and a burst of natural sweetness comes from raspberries.

Sugar-Free Cookies Topped with Jam on a Metal Cooling Rack

Banana split ice lollies

Bananas, dark chocolate and non-dairy yogurt are used to make an easy dessert which everyone at the table will enjoy.

Three ice lollies drizzled in dark chocolate and sprinkled with chopped peanuts

Avocado chocolate mousse

Use avocado instead of cream or egg white to make this rich, healthy and vegan version of classic chocolate mousse. Top with cocoa nibs for an extra chocolate hit without the added sugar.

chocolate avocado mouse

Rhubarb compote

Rhubarb is paired with zesty orange and aromatic cardamom to make a vegan compote which can be served with desserts.

A tray of baked rhubarb with vanilla pods in an oven tray, next to two bowls of rhubarb-topped porridge

Vegan banana loaf

This egg-free, dairy-free banana bread is kept moist and moreish thanks to the use of oat milk, tahini and super-ripe bananas.

Vegan Banana Loaf Recipe from Restaurant Snackbar

Avocado, kiwi and lime ice lollies

Our bright and zesty super green lollies are made with vitamin-packed fruits and refreshing coconut water for a nutritious summer snack.

Homemade Ice Lollies with Avocado, Kiwi and Lime

Instant mango fro-yo

This easy vegan recipe only uses three ingredients (lime, mango and coconut yogurt) and takes minutes to make.

Mango Froyo Recipe

Banana malt loaf

Use up left over bananas in our moist loaf with tea-infused dried fruit and malt extract. Malt adds an extra nutty caramel taste to this tea time treat which just happens  to be vegan.

Banana Bread Recipe with Malt

Vegan hot chocolate

Check out our recipe for vegan hot chocolate, it’s silky, sweet and topped with whipped plant-based cream. You can use oat or almond milk alternatives in this warming drink.

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Two glass mugs of hot chocolate topped with cream and cocoa powder on a grey concrete background

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