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Best steak recipes

The perfect steak

Learn how to cook the best steak of your life with the help of olive cookery writer and ex-chef Adam Bush.

A pan full of steak and butter juices

Bavette steak

On the table in just 30 minutes – recreate this easy dish of chargrilled steak with fried broccoli and a quick homemade pesto for dinner tonight.

Bavette steak slices and served on a plate with greens

BBQ steak sandwich

Juicy charred steak is layered with marinade and wasabi mayo in this elevated bavette steak sandwich.

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a sub-style sandwich packed with steak, rocket and radishes on a concrete surface outside

Philly cheesesteak

Originating in Philadelphia, our homemade take on the original sandwich sees tender, sliced ribeye layered with onions, peppers and cheese, and finished with ketchup and mayo.

A sub roll loaded with steak, cheese and red pepper slices on a wooden board

Steak diane

This traditional steak dish can be made ahead and reheated for an easy but impressive meal for two.

Yellow plate filled with potato wedges, green salad and sliced steak, slathered in a creamy mushroom sauce

Venison steaks with caraway crushed swede

Pair venison steaks with buttery crushed swede in this winter warmer – it will be ready and on the table in less than an hour.

A plate of venison with crushed swede on a small plate

Bavette steak with mole marinade

Chocolate works a treat in this impressive bavette steak, coated in a mole marinade. It serves up to six, perfect for a dinner party.

Sliced steak on a wooden chopping board next to a side salad

Lamb steaks with yeast butter and warm hummus

Check out our succulent seasonal lamb recipe, complete with homemade yeast butter. The perfect recipe for impressing a loved one!

Lamb steaks with yeast butter and warm hummus

Lamb steaks with tomato and rosemary

Feta adds a tangy flavour that really works with the sweet lamb and juicy tomatoes in this Greek-style dish. Ready in 30 minutes, it makes a perfect, simple midweek supper.

Lamb Steaks on a plate of couscous, plus another plate in the background

Steak roast with all the trimmings

Steak makes for a perfect speedy centrepiece for an evening roast dinner – and our shortcuts make this feast even quicker to whip up. Serve with roasties, green veg and yorkshire puds.

A wooden board filled with a sliced steak and thick cut chips

Steak au poivre

Enjoy this classic steak dish any night of the week with this easy to make poivre sauce. Serve with chunky chips and watercress.

Steak au poivre with chunky chips and salad

Togarashi tomahawk

This BBQ steak recipe is a real crowd pleaser. We have created a togarashi spice mix to give the steak Japanese flavours of sesame, nori seaweed and zesty dried mandarin, and basted the steak in miso and rice wine vinegar.

Togarashi Tomahawk

Balsamic steak with garlicky green beans

Take dinner to the next level with this sirloin steak recipe. The sirloin is fried in balsamic for a sticky sweet finish. Serve green beans cooked in garlic and cloves on the side for a slightly spicy side dish.

Balsamic-glazed steak with garlicky green beans

Bavette with creamed kale and seaweed

Check out this impressive bavette steak recipe with creamy kale and seaweed from chef Chase Lovecky of Two Lights in East London.

Bavette Steak Recipe with Creamed Kale

Chargrilled steak with chopped salad and blue-cheese dressing

Check out our easy rump steak salad recipe with creamy blue cheese dressing. This low calorie salad is ready in 20 minutes, a quick midweek meal.

Chargrilled steak with chopped salad and blue-cheese dressing

Spiced steak with sweet potato wedges

This fillet steak recipe spiced with cumin and paprika is an easy way to add more flavour to the meat. Plus, serving with sweet potato wedges instead of chips cuts the calories to under 500.

Spiced steak with sweet potato wedges

Coffee-rubbed steak with lemon coriander butter

Packing a real flavour punch, this on-trend steak rub is guaranteed to change your life. Our delicious December 2016 cover recipe for tender T-bone steak is really quick and easy to make but the real challenge is trying not to drool as the herby butter discs slowly melt into the coffee-infused meat.

coffee-rubbed steak with lemon coriander butter

Hanger steak, braised greens, wild garlic, lemon and olive oil

Check out this super succulent steak with crunchy garlic greens. This easy dish comes from Little Duck The Picklery restaurant in Dalston, and it’s perfect for a quick date night dinner.

Hanger Steak Recipe with Braised Greens

Steak tagliata with zingy carrot and cabbage slaw

Make steak super colourful by matching strips of sirloin with rocket, roasted red peppers and a homemade red cabbage, beetroot and carrot slaw.

Steak Tagliata Recipe With Carrot Cabbage Slaw

Stroganoff steak and sweet potato wedges

Slather your steak in a creamy, paprika-laced stroganoff sauce and serve with homemade sweet potato wedges for a quick midweek meal for two.

Steak Recipe with Stroganoff Steak Sauce and Sweet Potato Wedges

Chargrilled steak with Tabasco butter and avocado salad

This recipe for chargrilled steak with Tabasco butter and avocado salad is guaranteed to be a new favourite. The Tabasco butter adds a spicy kick and the avocado salad keeps it fresh, ideal for a Friday night dinner.

Chargrilled steak with Tabasco butter and avocado salad

Steak fajitas

Check out our lower calorie steak fajitas recipe. These fajitas are super easy to make and take no time at all. Serve in the middle of the table and dig in for a crowd pleasing steak dinner recipe. Check out our Mexican fiesta ideas here.

Easy Steak Fajitas Recipe

Steak and caramelised onion sandwich

Our classic steak sandwich is really easy to prepare and dressed with fresh rocket leaves, buttery onions and a good dash of Worcestershire sauce for extra flavour. Serve with some chips and tuck in for an indulgent steak dinner recipe. Click here to find our sandwich recipes.


Lemon pepper steak with warm potato salad

An easy peppery steak recipe served with a hearty, warm green bean, tomato and potato salad. This makes a great quick after-work supper for two, on the table in less than 20 minutes.

Lemon and pepper steak with warm potato salad

Steak and onions with celeriac mash

Looking for an alternative way to serve sirloin steak? Try this steak and celeriac dish which is quick and easy, yet full of flavour. Earthy celeriac is a great alternative to chips and works perfectly with the rich red wine sauce.

Steak and onions with celeriac mash

Steak with chimichurri

Why not make this fillet steak recipe with punchy chimichurri salsa for a spicy steak recipe? This quick and easy steak idea for two is ready in less than 15 minutes making it a quick midweek meal. Looking for more 15-minute meals? Check out our guide, here.

Steak with Chimichurri Recipe

Steak and winter greens

Looking for a warm winter salad recipe that is quick and easy? Try making this easy steak recipe for a midweek meal. The steak makes it more of a filling meal for dinner.

Steak and winter greens

John Torode’s côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots

John Torode’s côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots makes for a great, indulgent steak for two. Make this steak recipe for a weekend treat using ribeye steak.

John Torode's côte de boeuf with caramelised shallots

Gochujang steak salad

Try our Asian steak salad recipe for a quick midweek meal for two. This low calorie dinner is easy to make and packed with punchy flavour. Make this easy steak recipe for a steak dinner.

Asian Beef Salad Recipe

Steak, beetroot and asparagus salad

Steak always feels like a treat to us. This steak salad with asparagus and earthy beetroot is perfect for a lighter dinner during the summer months. It’s less than 300 calories per portion and ready in under 30 minutes.

Steak, Beetroot and Asparagus Salad Recipe

Steak bulgogi bowl

Want an alternative way to serve steak? Rump steak is marinated in Korean red pepper paste for extra flavour, and then served in a bowl of fresh veggies and steamed brown rice for a hearty midweek meal. Try our Korean recipes here.

Korean Beef Bulgogi Bowl Recipe

Steak with creamy peppercorn sauce

The peppercorn adds a touch of indulgence to this quick and simple dish. It’s a great idea for a speedy mid-week meal. Plus, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make your own peppercorn sauce.

steak with creamy peppercorn steak

Teriyaki steak skewers with chopped green salad

Want to make steak skewers for an easy steak recipe? These teriyaki steak skewers with chopped green Asian salad comes in at under 500 calories and is packed with flavour for an easy steak dinner.

Lamb steaks with harissa-roasted sweet potatoes

Looking for a lamb steak recipe? Try this one served with harissa-roasted sweet potatoes for a quick and easy dinner to make at home. Ready in just half an hour, this is a really easy steak recipe.

Lamb steaks with harissa-roasted sweet potatoes

Steak and ale pie

Packed with melt-in-the-mouth beef and crunchy pickled onions, serve this pie with creamy mash and leafy greens for a showstopping weekend meal. Bone marrow provides an extra depth of flavour.

Steak and ale pie with bone marrow in the middle

Pan-fried steak with beans and mustard

Loosely based on the Italian dish tagliata, this warm steak salad features two types of beans and a zingy mustard dressing.

A salad of sliced steak, green beans and tomato

Steak and blue cheese pie

A golden-crusted puff pastry pie, stuffed with braising steak, blue cheese, brown ale and thyme. Perfect for a comforting meal on chilly winter nights.

A rectangular steak pie cut open with a small bowl of chips on the side

Tuscan pork loin steaks

This recipe for Tuscan pork steaks ticks all the boxes for a nutritious midweek meal. It’s low calorie, low fat, low sugar, low salt and high in protein.

Tuscan pork loin steaks with butterbeans and greens on plates

Steak burritos

Skirt steak, black beans, pickled jalapeños, feta, avocado and a little cayenne pepper makes for a fantastic burrito filling.

Open tortilla loaded with steak strips, guacamole and salad

Steak tacos

Fresh, crunchy, peppery radishes work well in tacos paired with tender steak. This marinade is great with chicken thighs or pork fillet, too.

Tacos stuffed with radishes and steak

Pan-fried rib-eye steak

Give rib-eye steak an upgrade with our whipped ‘dirty’ martini butter, made from olives and gin or vodka. Ready in just 20 minutes, it makes for a quick yet impressive meal for two.

Rib-eye steak on a plate topped with dirty martini butter and served with lettuce

Marmite-glazed steak sandwich

Brush rump steak with melted Marmite for a seriously savoury treat served inside ciabatta with chutney, rocket and dolcelatte.

A steak ciabatta sandwich on a wooden board

Venison steaks with stir-fried sprouts

Serve delicate slices of seared venison with a bubble-and-squeak-style hash made from Brussels sprouts, floury potatoes, walnuts and fruit.

A speckled plate of thinly sliced seared meat with brussles sprouts, potatoes and walnuts

Steak satay noodles

Make your own satay sauce with crunchy peanut butter and coconut milk, then toss it together with strips of seared sirloin steak. Don’t forget the sriracha!

Steak satay noodles

Treacle-glazed gammon steaks

Make the most of bitter-sweet black treacle by pairing with juicy gammon. Serve with crispy potato wedges and a zingy pineapple chutney to balance against the meaty steaks.

Two dark grey plates topped with gammon steaks, potato wedges and chunks of pineapple with green herbs

Star anise and soy broth with seared steak

Check out our simple beef broth recipe with crunchy mangetout and sweet baby corn. This easy noodle soup recipe is ready in 30 minutes and it’s low in calories.

Steak Broth Recipe with Noodles

Steak with blue cheese sauce

All the flavours of your favourite buffalo wings in a steak dinner served with crispy fries seasoned with mild chilli powder.

Buffalo Steak Recipe with Blue Cheese Sauce

Marinated steak with labneh, pul biber butter and crispy onions

Taking inspiration from the Iskender kebap of Turkey, this dish of marinated steak with labneh (or strained yogurt, if you prefer) and pul biber butter is a simple yet effective explosion of flavours. Swipe pillowy flatbread through the yogurt for maximum enjoyment.

Marinated steak with labneh, pul biber butter and crispy onions

Pan-fried t-bone steak

Check out Luiz Hara’s juicy steak recipe with a moreish soy, honey and butter glaze. This impressive steak with roasted garlic has a Japanese-style sauce.

Pan-Fried T-Bone Steak Recipe

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