5 best plant milk makers in 2023 – nut milks, oat milk and more

However, we always advise taking extra care before buying a kitchen appliance that is dedicated to one specific function, as this can be wasteful on resources and lead to a cluttered kitchen. If you are looking for greater versatility, we’ve tested a few powerful blenders and juicers which can be used to make plant milks at home, as well as for a number of other functions.

Whether it’s seeds, nuts, oats or other bases, usually when making a plant milk you will be left with a fine pulp. Many specifically designed plant milk makers will come with recipe ideas for the pulp — on test we put the pulp from making our almond milk in a warm dry place for a few hours to completely dry. It could then be used as ground almonds in baking.

It’s worth noting that if you’re after a barista-style plant milk to froth for your morning coffee, you’re unlikely to achieve those results with homemade plant milk. Barista-style almond milk and oat milk often have extra ingredients like oils and stabilizers which help to achieve the foaminess that makes for a latte or flat white, and we found this difficult to replicate when testing plant milk makers ourselves.

Read on for our guide to the best plant milk makers.

The best plant and nut milk makers at a glance

  • Best quick plant milk maker: The Milky Plant, £290
  • Best affordable plant milk maker: Salter plant milk maker, £62.99
  • Best juicer for making plant milk: Fridja F1900 juicer, £134.99
  • Best versatile appliance for plant milk: Sage the 3x Bluicer Pro, £299.95
  • Best blender for making plant milk: Tefal PerfectMix Cook blender, £160

Best plant milk makers in 2023

The Milky Plant

The Milky Plant product image with olive accreditation badge

Best quick plant milk maker

Star rating: 4.5/5

Wattage: 20W (per cycle)

The Milky Plant is a unique product on the market at the moment dedicated to making, as the name might suggest, plant milks. The brand prides itself on its sustainability credentials and this extends to its packaging, which was entirely recyclable – still sadly a rarity in the world of kitchen appliances. It even came with a branded tote bag and sticker to personalise your Milky Plant with slogans like ‘keep c-almond carry on’.

The machine has a compact footprint but it’s quite tall and would likely need to stay on the countertop, although it might be a tight fit under some kitchen cupboards. With a clear manual, the set up is a breeze, but where this plant milk maker really comes into its own is the speed. Unlike the majority of other models, The Milky Plant doesn’t recommend a soaking time for any of the ingredients in its extensive list of online recipes. With any preparation time removed from the equation, you can make plant milks in less than five minutes from start to finish.

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As well as oat milk and almond milk, we tested its recipe for pistachio milk with dates which was completely smooth with a lovely flavour and pleasant pale green colour. While we did find the filter cup very difficult to remove from the machine – a process which is needed after every use for cleaning – The Milky Plant is a great option if you regularly drink plant and nut milks and want to splash out on an attractive dedicated machine.

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