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Want to use beer in cocktails? Check out our ideas below, then explore our easy brunch cocktails, easy gin cocktails and best Italian cocktails.

We’re used to swigging pints, cans and bottles of the stuff but beer also makes a rather useful cocktail ingredient. Check out our ideas below.

Looking for craft beer recommendations? Check out our best winter beers and summer beers to try.

Best beer cocktails

IPA and Campari shandy

Make this sophisticated spin on a pub classic by swapping lemonade for Campari. It’s flavourful and easy to drink, a lovely late summer/early autumn aperitif.

High glass filled with red liquid and wedge of orange on the rim

Lagerita cocktail

This lagerita takes the tequila from a classic margarita and adds beer. Make this quick and easy cocktail recipe for a simple drink this summer.

Lagerita Cocktail Recipe

Chocolate porter flip

We’ve revived and updated a classic dating back the the 17th century with our recipe for a chocolate porter flip. Serve this hot or cold.

Easy Beer Cocktail with Chocolate Recipe

Shandy Murray

An imaginative twist on a classic beer shandy that uses rum, yellow chartreuse and blonde ale for a deliciously thirst-quenching drink.

Shandy Cocktail Recipe with Rum

Mulled beer

Forget cider and wine, mulled beer is the thing to be drinking over winter – our recipe has warming flavours of cinnamon, cloves, star anise and clementine.

Mulled beer recipe

Ginger, honey and citrus shandy

Beer gets a zingy kick in this shandy recipe thanks to ginger, lime, orange and lemon juice. Wildflower honey adds a little sweetness.

Stein glass of ginger and honey syrup mixed with singha beer

4 more easy beer cocktails

– Michelada

Fans of a bloody mary will love this easy Mexican cocktail, which is perfect for brunch and summer barbecues. Add a little hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce and lime juice to a glass with a chill-salt rim. Fill with ice and top up with ice-cold light lager and gently stir.

– Beer-Aperol Spritz

Add some ice to a collins glass and pour over 50ml of Aperol. Top up with either a citrussy IPA or Belgian-style wheat beer, stir briefly and garnish with a slice of orange.

– Campari and IPA spritzer

Top a glass of chilled IPA with a little Campari for a drink that is hoppy, bittersweet and refreshing.

– Beer shandy

A classic drink but open to lots of twists – try topping lager with elderflower cordial, IPA with grapefruit soda and pale ale with ginger ale.

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