Bar’s Fall Collaboration with Terry Black’s Barbecue

Sushi | Bar, the popular omakase speakeasy in East Austin, has just unveiled its latest creation – a delectable collaboration with Texas legend Terry Black’s Barbecue. Starting September 29, the 17-course omakase experience at Sushi | Bar will feature the mouthwatering “Terry Black’s Bite” – a cold-smoked ocean trout adorned with bacon jam, pickled cornichon, and a glaze of Terry Black’s Original Barbecue Sauce.

Terry Black’s Barbecue, a family-owned establishment, is known for bringing generations of pitmaster expertise and traditional Central Texas flavors to the table. In homage to Terry Black’s Barbecue’s legacy of crafting some of the finest smoked meats, Sushi | Bar has cold-smoked the ocean trout using post oak chips from the smokehouse.

Ryan Stock, partner at Sushi | Bar Hospitality, raves about the new addition, saying, “Nigiri is the ultimate challenge of packing umami and ‘wow’ factor into one bite. Terry Black’s Bite is a total stand-out in an ensemble of best-ofs at Sushi | Bar. The juxtaposition of flavors – from the bold Terry Black’s Original Barbecue Sauce glaze to the refinement of the smoked trout and bacon jam – is a complex balancing act.”

Sushi | Bar is known for its ever-evolving menu that changes with the seasons, showcasing the freshest fish sourced and flown in weekly from some of the world’s best markets, including Japan, Australia, and California. While the Terry Black’s Bite is the latest addition, signature dishes like the Aged Bluefin Akami with dehydrated red miso and everything bagel spice; Hokkaido Scallop with white truffle salt, shaved black truffle, and truffle caviar; and Kanpachi with pineapple, passionfruit, shishito vinaigrette, and shaved coconut will continue to tantalize your taste buds.

Mark, partner at Terry Black’s Barbecue, reflects on the collaboration: “With several generations of family members, analyzing everything from the hours we smoke our meats to the wood we use to slow smoke them, I’ve learned that details matter. We collaborated with Sushi | Bar because we knew they shared our same beliefs. Once you peel back the layers of dedication, you’re left with passion, and the reminder to have fun in the process…and believe me, we had fun.”

Don’t miss out on this exciting culinary collaboration that promises to delight your senses with a fusion of Japanese finesse and Texan barbecue flair!


Sushi | Bar ATX is located at 2600 E. Cesar Chavez St., Austin, TX 78702. Reservations are available via Tock or by calling (737) 931-7584. The restaurant is open Monday through Sunday, offering several seatings per night across the two dining rooms (5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m., and 9:15 p.m.). Each omakase experience is priced at $159 per person, with the option to upgrade to a premium experience that includes sake pairings.

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