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Indian Nachos Recipe

Crab rarebit

Upgrade your traditional Welsh rarebit by topping it with a creamy mixture of sweet and salty crab, zesty lemon and crème fraîche. Taking seasonal produce and using them to enhance crowd-pleasing pub favourites is chef Dean Freckleton’s speciality at the Queens Head pub.

Welsh rarebit on toast topped with crab next to a lemon wedge

Mushy pea fish pie

Take your classic fish pie to the next level with our epic recipe complete with a hidden layer of vibrant-green mushy peas buried in the bottom.

Best Fish Pie Recipe with Mushy Peas

Black bean and chipotle chilli

Check out our chilli with black beans and fiery chipotle chilli paste. This veggie one-pot is an easy, low calorie recipe the whole family will love.

Chipotle Black Bean Chilli Recipe

Shepherd’s pie baked tatties

Check out our mash up of baked potatoes and classic British shepherd’s pie. These indulgent ‘pies’ are easy to make and make ideal comfort food.

Baked Potato Shepherd's Pie

Beef, ale and bone marrow pie

Up your pie game with this epic recipe. Packed with melt-in-the-mouth beef and crunchy pickled onions, serve this dish with creamy mash and leafy greens for a showstopping weekend meal with family and friends.

Steak and ale pie with bone marrow in the middle

Yorkshire puddings

Our best recipe for Yorkies. For extra flavour and a light, fluffy texture, try using dripping and make sure the fat is hot before adding your batter.

Classic cottage pie

This is our take on a classic cottage pie. With rich beef and creamy mash, it’s a long-standing family favourite and a good one to have in the freezer for emergencies!

Roast chicken with garlic and thyme croutons

Everyone loves a Sunday roast, and this roast chicken with garlic and thyme croutons makes it even better. Big chunky pieces of sourdough make a trivet for roast chicken and soak up all the delicious juices while it cooks

Mustard toad in the hole

Toad in the hole is a great family sharing dish that everyone loves. This version adds wedges of onion and flavours the batter with mustard powder. Serve with a big jug of hot gravy to pour over.

Creamy leek and cheese pie

This creamy leek and cheese pie is a great, comforting veggie main that’ll please the whole family. You can also freeze this easily for a stress-free midweek meal.

Roast beef with bone marrow crostini and horseradish sauce

Serving with a side of bone marrow crostini makes this dish feel really special. Ask your butcher to prepare the marrow bones for roasting.

Chicken tikka masala

Britain’s favourite dish is a hybrid Indian curry recipe born in the UK. Make sure your chicken gets nicely browned at the edges to add flavour for a fragrant, delicious tikka masala.

Sausage and mash with quick onion gravy

Onion gravy doesn’t have to take for ever. Using a few quick cheats, this simple recipe allows you to make a comforting family favourite in under 30 minutes.

Scotch eggs

Make the perfect picnic snack from scratch using our easiest ever scotch egg recipe. This method gives you a perfectly cooked yolk, juicy sausage meat filling and a crunchy breadcrumb coating

Fried cheesy polenta chips, smoked chilli & lemon

These fried cheesy polenta chips with smoked chilli and lemon come from Duck & Waffle and make a great starter

Sweet potato jackets with smoked mackerel and dill yogurt

Smoked mackerel and dill yogurt is an easy, healthy way to spice up sweet potato jackets

Cheat’s seafood stew

Seafood stew doesn’t have to take hours to make. This recipe for cheat’s seafood stew is packed full of those delicious fish flavours but is on the table in under an hour, so it’s still achievable midweek

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Cauliflower cheese with crunchy sage crumbs

A British comfort food favourite. Creamy cheese sauce and cauliflower, covered in crunchy sage crumbs is warming, filling and a dish the whole family will love

Fish pie

A comforting white fish, smoked haddock, prawns and leek pie, topped with fluffy mash, that you can make in advance and freeze. A classic family dish special enough to serve to guests too

Classic Cornish pasties

A true Cornish pasty will only contain onion, swede, potato and skirt steak. Make sure you season the filling really well with pepper to get the characteristic flavour

Welsh rarebit

Worcestershire sauce was allegedly created when a recipe made by chemists Lea and Perrins in the early 1800s went wrong and was left for a few years in a cellar. When they tried it again, they found it had become a delicious sauce, which is now the secret ingredient in recipes like Bloody Mary and Welsh rarebit.

Toffee apple brioche and butter pudding

A delicious, family favourite. Toffee apple, bread and butter pudding, and extra toffee means this recipe is an easy win for a treat

Nectarine crumble

Try this nectarine crumble for a classic comfort dish with a vibrant, summery twist.

An oven dish of nectarine crumble on a blue cloth next to a small jug of custard

Rhubarb Bakewell tart

This is a modern twist on a British favourite made using rhubarb. It’s easy to make but looks impressive. Rhubarb is in season from February until May

Spicy apple crumble

Porridge oats and soft brown sugar add extra crunch to this family favourite, that is best served with rich vanilla ice cream.

Cardamom rice pudding

Everyone loves creamy baked rice pudding and it makes a great easy sharing dessert to serve up for family after Sunday lunch. This version uses fragrant cardamom for a subtle spiced finish

Sticky toffee pudding

This is a great sticky toffee pudding recipe – the perfect winter warmer! Buy Medjool dates if you can – they have a lovely natural toffee flavour and sticky texture

Simple Victoria sponge cake

A classic, simple Victoria sponge is one of the recipes that you should have in your repertoire. Once you master this, bake sales and afternoon tea will no longer be daunting, and making variations will be easy

Double lemon, gin and tonic cake

This double lemon, gin and tonic cake combines two of our favourite things. It’s easy to make and sure to please a crowd – a new way to enjoy your G&T

Rhubarb & custard slice

We’ve taken a classic flavour combination and given it a modern twist with this recipe for rhubarb and custard slices

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