Best Coffee Gifts For Coffee Lovers 2023

Looking for a Christmas gift? Check out our pick of best Christmas coffee gifts. We also have our round-up of the best housewarming gifts, or why not bake one of our best coffee cake recipes, too, or celebrate with a smooth coffee cocktail.

Best coffee gifts

Browse our selection of artisan whisky gifts on the new olive shop. From a speciality cafetière taster set to an espresso trio and a single origin ground coffee gift set with a bespoke tin.

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A selection of bags of coffee and a cafetiere against a pink background

Two Chimps Coffee fruity ground coffee set

Two Chimps ethically source coffee from around the world before roasting the beans by hand in small batches back in the UK. This trio combines three ‘fruity’ varieties from Rwanda, Brazil and Peru to liven up your usual cup.

Available from:
olive shop, £32.95

Balance Coffee espresso whole bean coffee set

Know someone who can’t start the day without a shot of espresso? Balance Coffee have turned three of their speciality espressos into a set, so a coffee lover can get experimenting. It combines the versatile Rotate Espresso, which could be used in anything from lattes to cocktails, the punchy Level Up for a fruity black coffee, and the Stability Blend for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Available from:
olive shop, £24.99

Tambia Coffee

A pouch of Tambia coffee

Tambia owns the farms producing its beans and pledges to protect the environment and guarantee economic stability and social support for communities that depend on them. This Colombian Castillo is a rich cup with sweet notes of toffee and citrus.

Available from:
Tambia Coffee (from £8.95/200g)

Grind One coffee pod machine

Grind Coffee One pod machine

This 19-bar coffee pod machine from Grind, built in stainless steel and featuring a sleek, industrial design, makes the perfect upgrade for your coffee-drinking friend. Go one step further and pair with a refillable tin full of Grind’s compostable coffee pods, filled with organic Grind coffee which is also compatible with Nespresso machines. Check out our review of the best coffee pod machines here.
Available from:
Grind (£295)

V60 + House Coffee

V60 + House Coffee kit

If your friend hasn’t already turned to drip filter brewing, this affordable V60 kit is a good place to start. Pact’s kit includes a Hario V60 Dripper, biodegradable filters, a measuring scoop and a 250g bag of Pact’s chocolatey House Coffee. Perfect for upping their coffee game. Find out how to use a v60 filter like a pro barista with coffee expert Celeste Wong here.

Available from:
Pact Coffee (£15)

Love heart coffee stencil gift set

This fun cocoa stencil makes a thoughtful gift for cappuccino- and latte-drinkers, giving them the chance to take their coffee-presenting skills to the next level.

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