Best gas BBQs UK to buy for summer 2024, tested and reviewed

Read on for our picks of the best gas barbecues to buy for your garden, rigorously tried and tested by our experts reviews team.

Find some of our favourite BBQ recipes, from spicy BBQ chicken kebabs to smoky BBQ chicken thighs with ras el hanout and honey.

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Best gas BBQs at a glance

  • Best large gas BBQ: Everdure Furnace 3-burner, £599
  • Best blowout gas BBQ: Weber Genesis Series EPX-335 Smart, £1,929
  • Best gas BBQ for easy set up: Napoleon Rogue R425, £641.24
  • Best portable gas BBQ: Weber Q1200, £336.99
  • Best for BBQ experts: Napoleon Freestyle 365 SIB, £617.49
  • Best simple gas BBQ: BossGrill Deluxe Portable, £189.97
  • Best gas BBQ for a crowd: Weber Genesis E-315, £1,199
  • Best gas BBQ for versatility: Broil King Crown 490, £949

Best gas BBQs to buy UK 2024

Everdure Furnace 3-burner

Everdure Furnace 3-burner gas barbecue

Best large gas barbecue

Star rating: 5/5

Made in collaboration with chef Heston Blumenthal, this gas barbecue from Australian brand Everdure not only looks impressive but also performed really well on test. We found the initial set-up took a long time with some fiddly elements like screws that didn’t thread properly. But once assembled, the barbecue can be stored in the garden with a cover available to buy separately.

Perfect for cooking for a crowd, the barbecue has a large grilling space with three grill plates that each slot over an individual burner. This means you can use them simultaneously, firing each at a different temperature for cooking different ingredients, or just use one burner and grill if you’re cooking for a smaller group.

Weber Genesis Series EPX-335 Smart

Weber Genesis Series EPX-335 Smart gas barbecue

Best blowout gas barbecue

Star rating: 5/5

If you’re looking to invest in a professional-grade barbecue for your garden, we’d recommend considering this model from barbecue giants Weber. There’s no getting around that, with an RRP of just under £2,000, this is a pricey piece of kit. But there’s no style over substance here. For your money you get excellent build quality and functionality as well as a host of bells and whistles including connectivity for Bluetooth and wifi, LED lighting and notifications for step-by-step cooking which go directly to your phone.

There’s a large sear zone as well as an extendable rack where you can keep cooked ingredients warm. A high heat allowed us to achieve clear griddle marks on our steaks and we used the included meat thermometer to ensure it was cooked to our preference.

Napoleon Rogue R425

Napoleon Rogue R425 gas grill

Best gas barbecue for easy set up

Star rating: 5/5

If you can’t face a difficult and lengthy build for your barbecue, this is the one for you as it has fewer parts than many we’ve seen. We were also impressed that it had a large size but also folded away to be relatively compact so you can preserve your garden space.

When it came to heat this grill impressed, coming up to temperature super quickly and also winning points when it came to heat retention. There are lots of handy extra features which make this barbecue a joy to use — including a storage shelf for your condiments and an additional side hob.

Weber Q1200

Weber Q1200 gas barbecue

Best portable gas barbecue

Star rating: 4.5/5

This portable option from Weber is easy to use and cooks well, although it lacks the bells and whistles you’ll find on some of its larger counterparts. Although compact, we found it large enough to make food for four people, so it’s a great option for those with smaller outdoor spaces or who want to grill while camping or at the beach.

Although it uses a comparatively small C500 gas canister, we were impressed with how quickly the barbecue heated up, however it’s worth noting that it loses heat quickly when the lid is opened. Versatility is added by the different types of grill plates, for example a solid section which is perfect for vegetables (although you won’t get griddle lines).

Napoleon Freestyle 365 SIB

Napoleon Freestyle 365 SIB

Best for barbecue experts

Star rating: 4.5/5

This barbecue has three burners offering plenty of cooking space if catering for a crowd. It comes with a warming rack which worked well for keeping our corn on the cob warm while we cooked our meat. The most impressive element of this barbecue was the side burner which produced a beautifully grilled steak. Overall, we found the size of this model was great for entertaining as it has a large cooking area without being so big that it dominates your whole garden.

However, it was somewhat tricky to put together. You’ll need a screwdriver, ratchet and spanner, as well as an awful lot of patience as the instructions are fairly confusing.

Available from:
BBQ World (£617.49)

BossGrill Deluxe Portable

BossGrill Deluxe Portable barbecue

Best simple gas barbecue

Star rating: 4.5/5

One of the more affordable barbecues on this list, this model is stripped back to basics with a simple double-burner. There’s still ample space to grill for four people and it heats up quickly compared to other models we tested, reaching cooking temperature in just five minutes.

Although the assembly instructions in the manual were lacking, we were still able to assemble this barbecue in 45 minutes. You can certainly tell the difference in build quality compared to some other pricier models on this list, for example the gas cord was a little short which means you need the canister directly beneath the base. However, our food cooked evenly and the barbecue was responsive to changes in heat, offering attractive griddle lines on our vegetables.

Weber Genesis E-315

Weber Genesis E-315 gas barbecue

Best gas barbecue for a crowd

Star rating: 4/5

If you like to spend your summers hosting in your garden, this model would work well. You can make the most of the impressively large cooking space thanks to the PureBlu burner system which ensures there are no cold spots on the grill.

This barbecue requires a lengthy set up and you’ll need at least one competent friend to help you — it took two of our reviews experts a good couple of hours to put together. We were also disappointed to see an excess of packaging that couldn’t be recycled. Once up and running the barbecue performed well and our chicken legs were succulent with a caramelised skin after cooking on the warming rack with the hood down.

Broil King Crown 490

Broil King Crown 490 gas barbecue

Best gas barbecue for versatility

Star rating: 4/5

This barbecue is super versatile with attachments for rotisserie cooking, a keep-warm shelf and and added hob top. First things first — we found this barbecue seriously frustrating to build. Our reviews experts have assembled quite a few in their time but the lack of written instructions in the manual left us worn out and the whole experience was far from enjoyable.

However, you only need to build your barbecue once and after assembly is complete the experience vastly improved. It took just 10 minutes to reach 200C and we found the controls to be well-labelled and intuitive. Our spatchcock chicken had a crispy, golden skin while still retaining its moisture.

How to choose a gas BBQ

When choosing the right gas barbecue for you, there are a number of things to consider. After you’ve settled on budget we’d recommend thinking about the size of the barbecue you want. This will be steered by how much outside space you have to work with, as well as the number of people you plan on cooking for.

Assembly is also important to consider. Are you someone who loves to get out their tool box and follow instructions? Or would you rather a quick set-up so you can get grilling? Some barbecues have a long initial build time which is worth bearing in mind.

Finally, as barbecues are largely seasonal pieces of kit, storage is a key consideration before you buy. Many models come with a cover to protect them from the elements, while with others these can be bought separately.

How to clean a gas BBQ

One of the biggest reasons to choose a gas barbecue over a charcoal model is the comparatively easy clean-up. If there’s food residue on your grill plate from the last time you barbecued, preheating your barbecue on a high heat should burn the majority of this off. Some barbecues will come with a steel bristle cleaning brush (or you can buy these separately) which can be used when the grill is hot to remove any stubborn debris.

Cast iron grill plates can be removed once your barbecue has cooled and cleaned by hand using hot soapy water. Most gas barbecues will also have grease trays and it’s really important to empty and clean these regularly after use as a build up of grease can lead to risk of fire.

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