Best multi-cookers to buy in 2023

Perhaps most importantly, one of the things we love most about multi-cookers is they reduce the need to have multiple appliances sitting on your worktop. For the most part, these gadgets can handle it all and often in a fraction of the cooking time – saving you both money and kitchen space too.

We also wanted to test which models were the cheapest to run. Pressure-cooking is generally a low-cost method of cooking, and you can hear more about it in this episode of the olive podcast. Here’s our tried-and-tested picks of the best multi-cookers available to buy right now.

Best multi-cookers at a glance

  • Best overall multi-cooker: Crockpot Turbo Express 14-in-1 pressure cooker, £119
  • Best rice cooker for top-end multi-cookers: Sage Fast Slow Go multi-cooker, £125
  • Best value multi-cooker: Drew & Cole Pressure King Pro 5.7L 12-in-1 digital pressure cooker, £80
  • Best large multi-cooker: Instant Pot Duo Crisp with Ultimate Lid, £200
  • Best multi-cooker for pressure cooking: Tefal Turbo Cuisine multi pressure cooker, £129
  • Best air fryer multi-cooker: Ninja Foodi MAX 15-in-1 SmartLid 7.5-litre multi-cooker, £319.99
  • Best multi-cooker for intuitive controls: Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus multi-cooker, £99.99
  • Best multi-cooker for versatility: Amazon Basics 23-in-1 Multi Purpose multi-cooker, £81.52

The best multi-cookers to buy in 2023

Crockpot Turbo Express 14-in-1 pressure cooker

CrockPot Turbo Express multi-cooker

Best overall multi-cooker

Score: 5/5 stars

Wattage: 1400W

Cost to run: n/a

With 14 functions and 5.6-litre capacity, this is an excellent multi-cooker for medium to large households. It also features a ‘turbo cooking’ function that turns meals around 40 per cent more quickly – ideal if you’re hurrying to get dinner on the table.

We were most struck by its user-friendly credentials: the cooker’s lid lifts up and off, which makes it much easier to clean than some hinged models, and all 14 cooking modes are selectable via a simple push-button. There’s a keep-warm function that automatically jumps into action once cooking is finished. The slow-cook function proved successful too, creating a richly infused chicken korma with succulent meat and a creamy sauce.

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