Best Nespresso machines 2023: complete UK guide

Nespresso has a modern approach to technology, design and methods of sale. The brand doesn’t have shops – it has ’boutiques’, where customers are offered experiential engagement in the artistry behind the coffee blends from around the world. You’re required to buy entirely into the brand with some Nespresso machines, so it’s only right that the coffee growth, sourcing, production and brew are the centre of attention.

The negative environmental impact of coffee pod machines and aluminium coffee pods is clear. In 2020, Nespresso launched The Positive Cup strategy that saw it tighten its approach to sustainability and ethics throughout the coffee production chain.

Buying a coffee machine is a commitment, so we encourage you to do your research beforehand. Our guides to the best coffee machines (including espresso machines, coffee pod machines and bean to cup coffee machines) is a great place to start.

It’s no secret that Nespresso machines are on the pricier side of the pod machine market. If you’re looking to save, we’ve written a guide on the best Nespresso offers which has all the best deals on machines and pod bundles available now.

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A guide to Nespresso

Nespresso coffee machine ranges: how to choose

Nespresso offers two machine collections: the Original and the Vertuo. The main differences between them are the pod designs, and their methods of extraction.

Original: Nespresso’s classic pod machine makes just the right quantity of coffee for a single-shot espresso, which can be paired with steamed milk or hot water for a longer drink. These machines pump hot water into the coffee pod, pressurising the grinds until the pod bursts. The result is a single shot of intensely rich espresso, topped with crema.

Our favourite from the Original collection:

A mess-free and stylish all-in-one solution for making black or milky coffees at the touch of a button.

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