Best Ninja air-fryers UK 2023

Ninja is an industry leader in appliances, recently making headlines for the viral Ninja Creami ice cream maker, but its air-fryers are hard to beat. Our reviews experts have tested dozens of different air-fryers from numerous brands, and Ninja regularly comes highly recommended.

We’ve found its air-fryers to be stylishly designed, easy to use and great value for money. We’ve also been impressed by Ninja’s sustainability credentials — the air-fryers we’ve tested have, for the most part, been packaged without plastic and in recyclable packaging which is fairly unusual.

But with so many models of air-fryer available from Ninja, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Read on for our guide to each air-fryer in the brands range. Looking for some recipe inspiration? Check out our recipes for air-fryer brownies and air-fryer halloumi fries.

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A guide to Ninja air-fryers at a glance

  • Ninja air-fryer AF100UK, from £119.99
  • Ninja air-fryer MAX AF160UK, from £129.99
  • Ninja Speedi 10-in-1 rapid cooker and air-fryer ON400UK, from £159
  • Ninja Foodi Health grill and air-fryer AG301UK, from £199.99
  • Ninja Foodi MAX Health grill and air-fryer AG551UK, from £218.63
  • Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air-fryer AF300UK, from £219.99
  • Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone air-fryer AF400UK, from £219.99
  • Ninja Foodi MAX Pro Health grill, flat plate and air-fryer AG651UK, from £249.99
  • Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone air-fryer AF451UK, from £269.99

Best Ninja air-fryers to buy in 2023

Ninja air-fryer AF100UK

Ninja AF100UK air fryer product image with olive accreditation badge

Star rating 4/5

One of the first air-fryers produced by Ninja, this 3.2L model still holds up to the competition of newer models. It has the classic single basket design and looks sleek in dark grey and black. The sturdy machine comes with four functions; to air-fry, roast, dehydrate and reheat. As the most affordable of Ninja’s models it’s missing the bells and whistles that you might get with a pricier option — for example you’ll need to manually pause the timer when turning or shaking food — but it does the basics really well.

When we tested this air-fryer we were impressed by the dehydrating function which produced intense cherries to go on our morning porridge. We preheated the air-frying setting for the recommended three minutes before cooking our chips, which were satisfying but not greasy, while the roasting function produced evenly cooked Mediterranean vegetables.

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