Best Nutribullet for blending, smoothie making and more in 2024

Our reviews experts put Nutribullet’s blenders and smoothie makers to the test, measuring against criteria including ease of use, versatility, safety and sustainability.

While we were consistently impressed by how Nutribullet’s range performed on test, an element we were disappointed by was the volume of plastic packaging used which impacted the sustainability scores for most products.

Read on for the best Nutribullet blenders and smoothie makers, plus everything you need to know to choose the right model for you.

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Best Nutribullet at a glance

  • Best high-powered Nutribullet blender: Nutribullet Smart Touch blender, £129.99
  • Best Nutribullet smoothie maker for families: Nutribullet 900 Series, £79.99
  • Best everyday Nutribullet smoothie maker: Nutribullet 600 Series, £69.99
  • Best all-rounder Nutribullet blender: Nutribullet blender, £89.99
  • Best Nutribullet for chopping and blending: Nutribullet Magic Bullet Kitchen Express, £69.99
  • Best portable Nutribullet blender: Nutribullet GO Portable blender, £29.99
  • Best budget Nutribullet smoothie maker: Nutribullet Magic Bullet Deluxe, £49.99

Best Nutribullet to buy in 2024

Nutribullet Smart Touch blender

Nutribullet Smart Touch blender with olive accreditation badge

Best high-powered Nutribullet blender

Star rating: 5/5

Wattage: 1500W

Accessories: pitcher, locking pitcher lid with pour spout, pusher

This model is at the top of Nutribullet’s range with an RRP of just under £150. It falls into the category of traditional blender with the classic jug design, but has a range of smart features that make it very intuitive to use, including brightly lit touchscreen controls and powerful blades.

On first impression we couldn’t help but notice the size of the machine. It has a sizeable footprint, especially when compared to Nutribullet’s smoothie makers, and is unlikely to fit under most kitchen cupboards due to its height. However, it’s certainly sleek and attractive, enough to live on the countertop, especially since it’s versatility lends it to regular use.

This is a powerful blender with a 1500W motor which, on test, blended three portions of smoothie in under a minute to an entirely smooth consistency. Our reviews experts were impressed by the consistency of everything we blended, all of which were far smoother than models from other brands that we’ve tested recently.

Nutribullet 900 Series

Nutribullet 900 Series with olive accreditation badge

Best Nutribullet smoothie maker for families

Star rating: 5/5

Wattage: 900W

Accessories: extractor blade, large cup (909ml), small cup (680ml), cup handle, flip-top lid, stay-fresh lid

This smoothie maker is designed in Nutribullet’s well-known style with a blade which screws into the tall cup before being inverted and used with the compact base unit. The model, named after its 900W motor, is a powerful one and it blended our smoothie in about 10 seconds.

We found the smoothie maker intuitive to use, especially if you’re familiar with Nutribullet. If not, a quick flick through the manual is all that’s required and the model has one speed and no buttons to press. Instead, once you’ve added the ingredients to the cup and secured the blade, you push the blade into the base unit and twist to secure it. The larger cup capacity is what makes it a potentially more convenient model for feeding more mouths.

Although we found the model fairly noisy, our smoothie came together so quickly that we didn’t find it a problem.

Nutribullet 600 Series

Nutribullet 600 Series with olive accreditation badge

Best everyday Nutribullet smoothie maker

Star rating: 4.5/5

Wattage: 600W

Accessories: extractor blade, large cup (680ml), small cup (511ml), cup handle, stay-fresh lid

Similar in design to the 900 series, this model is Nutribullet’s original smoothie maker and features a slightly less powerful 600W motor. It comes with two different cups, a shorter one of 511ml and the taller 680ml, which both work with the extractor blade. There’s also a lid and carry handle that you can secure to the cup, which makes it really easy to blend, transport and drink your smoothie all from the same vessel.

It might be less powerful than some other models in the range, but we still found this smoothie maker packed a punch on test. Our berry smoothie was blended in 15 seconds and was super smooth except for some seeds which remained whole. This is a great option if you are in a single or two-person household and like to have smoothies as part of your daily routine.

Nutribullet blender

Nutribullet blender

Best all-rounder Nutribullet blender

Star rating: 4.5/5

Wattage: 1000W

Accessories: pitcher, pitcher lip and vented lid cap, pusher

This blender is intuitive to use, with user-friendly features. We liked that it can function with the jug loaded either side, making it useable by left- and right-handed cooks. There are three buttons to control the speed of slow, high or pulse.

With a small footprint this blender won’t take up too much countertop real estate, although it is important to consider that it’s likely too tall to fit under most kitchen cupboards. However, you do need to act with some care as there’s no safety feature to stop the motor running if the lid isn’t secure, meaning there is potential to redecorate your kitchen with the contents of the blender.

As we’ve come to expect from Nutribullet, the blending function was impressive. On test it easily managed to crush a whole tray of ice cubes into a fine powder in just 25 seconds.

Nutribullet Magic Bullet Kitchen Express

Nutribullet magic bullet kitchen express

Best Nutribullet for chopping and blending

Star rating: 4.5/5

Wattage: 250W

Accessories: 830ml work bowl with feed chute, food pusher, stacked chopping blade, reversible slice/shred disc, cross blade, two tall cups, to-go lid

This machine is super versatile with the capability to function as a smoothie maker, blender and food processor all in one compact package. The base, which has roughly the same footprint as a kettle, is controlled by a simple dial which can be turned to on, off or pulse. Despite being small and lightweight we found the suction feet meant it remained secure on the countertop even when blending tough ingredients.

We used the stacked blades in the main bowl to chop vegetables, which we found worked best on the pulse setting, otherwise they were a little fine. We also used the shredding disk in the main bowl to grate cheese which it handles with ease, and we used the reverse side to finely slice potatoes which were easy to insert using the food pusher.

Cleaning up is made simple by the fact that all the parts except the base can go in the dishwasher, but if you’re in a hurry we found them easy to wash by hand as well, being careful to take care when handling the blades which are very sharp.

Nutribullet GO Portable blender

Nutribullet GO Portable blender with olive accreditation badge

Best portable Nutribullet blender

Star rating: 4/5

Wattage: 70W

Accessories: small cup (370ml), to-go lid, charger

This is the only portable smoothie maker in Nutribullet’s range with a compact design and rechargeable battery, which means it can be operated on the go. On removing it from the packaging we were struck by how small and lightweight this blender is, with a 370ml cup with capacity for a single serving of smoothie.

While the idea is that you can easily blend while out and about, the small cup and lid are also much more transportable than other models. It would certainly work well for weekend away or for blending a quick drink after exercising.

On test we found the low wattage takes a little while to get going and required slightly more liquid compared to other models, but once we got the ratio right it produced a smooth drink with very few lumps.

Nutribullet Magic Bullet Deluxe

Nutribullet magic bullet deluxe

Best budget Nutribullet smoothie maker

Star rating: 4/5

Wattage: 200W

Accessories: stainless steel cross blade, tall cup, short cup, stay-fresh lid, to-go lid

This smoothie maker is compact, with a footprint smaller than most kettles, and will be easy to store if you don’t want to keep it on the countertop. It would be ideal if you’re regularly making a smoothie for one, but you could certainly use both cups to make enough for two people.

At just under £50, this smoothie maker could be a great option if you haven’t had a Nutribullet before and are looking to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your lifestyle. We found this model took a couple of tries to get used to but after that it was very straightforward.

The cups are dishwasher-safe which saves on the washing-up, and we found the blade relatively easy to clean although you might need a small brush to reach under some of the smaller elements.

How to choose the best Nutribullet for you

There are several factors to consider when choosing between Nutribullet’s models. The first is perhaps the most simple: do you want a smoothie maker or blender?

If you’re wondering what’s the difference, we’ve got you covered. Essentially a smoothie maker is designed, as you might have guessed, to make smoothie, while blenders have greater versatility to make soups, sauces, pastes and other finely chopped dishes.

This isn’t to say that smoothie makers can solely be used to make smoothies, but it is important to bare in mind that Nutribullet’s smoothie models require a minimum amount of liquid in order to blend safely, and also cannot be used to blend any hot ingredients.

Other important factors to consider include capacity and motor power. The capacity of the blender or smoothie maker will dictate how much you’re able to blend and is important to consider especially is you’re regularly catering for a crowd. The motor wattage impacts how powerful the model is, and those with lower wattage might struggle with tougher ingredients like frozen fruit.

Nutribullet vs Ninja: which blender is best?

Nutribullet and Ninja are two of the most recognisable names when it comes to kitchen appliances, each with a wide range of blenders and smoothie makers as well as other products. We’ve tested a number of models of blender from both brands and while both have consistently performed well on test there’s some factors we think you should consider if choosing between them.

The first factor is budget. Ninja’s range of blenders starts at just under £50 with its top of the range at £170, with the majority of models sitting around the £100 mark. Nutribullet has models catering to budgets between £50 and £200, but its wide range means there are models available at a lot of price increments.

Another difference between Nutribullet and Ninja blenders is the aesthetic. Generally we’ve found Nutribullet’s blenders and smoothie makers to have sleek designs, with monochrome or metallic colours available making them fit well in a modern kitchen.

Ninja’s blenders tend to have a more industrial look with wide bases that wouldn’t look out of place in a professional kitchen. However, it has also recently released the Ninja Blast portable blender which is available in a range of bright colours including forest green, denim blue and purple. Read the full review of the Ninja Blast in the article best smoothie makers by our friends at BBC Good Food.

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