Best pepper mills and grinders, tried and tested by experts

Our reviews team have put the best pepper grinders to the test, taking into account versatility, ease of use and grind size as well as look and design. Read on for our pick of the best pepper grinders, mills and salt and pepper sets.

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Best pepper grinders at a glance

  • Best versatile pepper grinder: Cuisinart rechargeable seasoning mill, £49.99
  • Best grinder for whole spices: FinaMill rechargeable pepper mill, £69.95
  • Best compact pepper grinder: Peugeot Bistro pepper mill, £29.99
  • Best salt and pepper grinder set: OXO Good Grips contoured salt and pepper grinder, £41.99
  • Best everyday salt and pepper grinder set: Cole & Mason London Salt and Pepper mill set, £55
  • Best colourful salt and pepper grinder set: Peugeot Paris salt and pepper set, £79.99
  • Best electric pepper grinder: Peugeot Daman electric pepper mill, £149.99
  • Best mess-free pepper grinder: Joseph Joseph Editions Milltop salt and pepper set, £50.00
  • Best classic pepper grinder: Le Creuset pepper mill, £38
  • Best alternative pepper grinder: Kuhn Rikon Epicurian Ratchet Grinder, £24.95

Best pepper grinders in 2024

Cuisinart rechargeable seasoning mill

best pepper grinders

Best versatile pepper grinder

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Star rating: 5/5

With a sleek, modern look, one-touch control and recharging stand this combined salt and pepper grinder from Cuisinart impressed us on test. This grinder is super versatile and works with whole spices and dried herbs as well as salt and pepper and has a wide range of grind settings on offer.

There’s a button which is intuitive to operate and activates the mechanism quickly. The charging dock means you’ll probably have to store it in the kitchen rather than on the dining table, but it would fit into a modern kitchen with ease.

FinaMill rechargeable pepper mill

best pepper grinders

Best grinder for whole spices

Star rating: 5/5

This grinder certainly has a unique look and is definitely the largest mill we tested. We were really impressed with how it performed on test, especially with its versatility in being able to grind any whole spices. It has an electric grinding function and is rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about batteries.

The grinder comes with a range of storage pods which means you can pre-grind your spices fresh, and then store them ready for use.

Peugeot Bistro pepper mill

best pepper grinders

Best compact pepper grinder

Star rating: 5/5

If you’re after a compact pepper grinder with a robust build and classic look this is the one for you. Available in a wide range of colours, this Bistro model from Peugeot is just 10cm tall, making it perfect for smaller tables, compact kitchens or for taking on the go for picnics and alfresco dining.

While we found the small size made it slightly fiddly to fill with pepper corns, this pepper grinder was easy to use, with a grind adjustment button on the underside.

OXO Good Grips contoured salt and pepper grinder

best pepper grinders

Best salt and pepper grinder set

Star rating: 5/5

If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist salt and pepper grinder set that won’t break the bank, this offering from OXO Good Grips could be a really great choice. The glass and stainless steel finish means that you can see the spices that you are grinding, and also makes the set versatile for tablescaping as they would fit in regardless of the colour and design of your table.

There are clear markings on the side to change the grind settings on the salt and pepper, and it is operated with a manual twist design. While it was a little stiff on the finer grind settings, we were impressed with the result, seeing a noticeable difference between the different textures.

Cole & Mason London Salt and Pepper mill set

best pepper grinders

Best everyday salt and pepper grinder set

Star rating: 4.5/5

From Cole & Mason, this handsome set is statuesque in design and comes in a wide range of styles with a high gloss finish. We were impressed with this salt and pepper set straight out of the box — they had a lovely weight to them.

These grinders were easy to use, with a twisting motion that we found intuitive on test. The texture of the pepper was even for the different grind sizes, which you can change by adjusting the knob on the top of the grinders.

Peugeot Paris salt and pepper set

best pepper grinders

Best colourful salt and pepper grinder set

Star rating: 4.5/5

This is a classic design from well-known salt and pepper grinder brand Peugeot. There’s a range of colours on offer so you can choose the one to fit in with your kitchen, or mix and match for your salt and pepper.

We really like this set, which was a nice size and comfortable to hold. The salt and pepper grinders are intuitive to use with a simple twist motion and you can change the grind size by changing how loose or tight the knob on the top is. We did find that these grinders were pretty difficult to fill with a narrow opening, but Peugeot do sell a funnel which you can buy separately.

Peugeot Daman electric pepper mill

best pepper grinders

Best electric pepper grinder

Star rating: 4.5/5

With an electric function, sleek look and intuitive design this salt and pepper grinder set impressed us on test. This set might be on the pricier side, but there are factors which make these a premium product including the fact that they come with salt crystals and black pepper corns included.

Although we needed the manual to work out how to insert the batteries, once they were set up we liked how ergonomic this set felt. There are six grind settings to choose from, and all you need to do is push the button on the top. Plus there’s a light on the base which shines a light where the salt and pepper comes out so you can be super precise when seasoning your food.

Available from:

Peugeot (£149.99)

Joseph Joseph Editions Milltop salt and pepper set

best pepper grinders

Best mess-free pepper grinder

Star rating: 4.5/5

This sleek salt and pepper grinder set from Joseph Joseph comes in a choice of colours including grey and blue. We liked that the salt and pepper are in different hues so it’s easy to distinguish between the two.

The mechanism sits at the top of the grinders so you need to invert it when using. We found that this meant a lot less mess compared to other grinders we tested since the pepper doesn’t spill on the table. Changing the grind size is a bit confusing as there are no markings to indicate the different texture of grind, but it was easy once we got the hang of it.

Le Creuset pepper mill

best pepper grinder

Best classic pepper grinder

Star rating: 4.5/5

This pepper mill from Le Creuset has a classic design that would fit into any kitchen design, from modern to farmhouse. It’s available in the brand’s wide range of colours so you can choose to add a pop of colour to your table, or fit in with an existing set from the brand. It also comes with an impressive 10 year warranty.

On test we found this very easy to use, with an intuitive twist function, and it is really comfortable to hold. The only downside we found was that the materials feel a little on the plasticky side, which was surprising given the price point.

Kuhn Rikon Epicurian Ratchet Grinder

best pepper grinders

Best alternative pepper grinder

Star rating: 4/5

This pepper grinder is certainly eye-catching with a very different design to the others we tested. It would fit well in a modern kitchen or on a minimalist table and we liked that it can be used for other spices as well as pepper.

Rather than being a crank handle which requires a twisting motion this design requires the user to move the lever back and forth in order to grind the pepper. Not only did we find this pretty awkward as it motion, it was difficult to keep the pepper grinder level. We also think it would be difficult to operate if you have large hands as the mechanism is pretty fiddly. However, we did like the precision of grind levels available, which made it easier to choose between course or fine pepper.

Are pepper grinders worth it?

If you’re debating between buying ground pepper, or buying whole pepper corns and using a pepper grinder, it is undoubtedly worth it. Grinding your own pepper will not only give you a greater choice over grind size for dishes like cacio e pepe where cracked black pepper is the star, but will also guarantee you a fresher, brighter flavour in all the dishes you use pepper in. Much like with all spices, grinding your own whole spices is usually the way to go.

There are pepper grinders and mills available to suit nearly every price point. Pricier grinders may offer greater versatility or a higher quality of design, but we’d always recommend that you stay within your budget.

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