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olive’s Alex Crossley has curated a list of five must-visit restaurants and cafés, all within 20 minutes walking distance from your office. She has chosen a selection of new openings as well as next-level bakeries and hidden gems. Look out for a must-order dish or two at each place. Happy eating and discovering!

Fortitude Bakehouse

Dee Rettali’s fascinating mews bakery off Russell Square.

Must-order dish: the seasonal viral beignet (a fried brioche-doughnut hybrid).

How far from the office: 9 mins walk

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Contemporary fine dining West African cuisine from self-taught Nigerian chef Adejoké Bakare, the first black female to receive a Michelin star in the UK.

Must-order dish: peppersoup and moi moi bean cake.

How far from the office: 21 mins walk

Master Wei Xi’An

Xi’an Impression chef and co-owner, Guirong Wei, serves Xi’an-style snacks and noodles in a relaxed, authentic casual dining spot.

Must-order dish: hand-pulled beef biang biang noodles.

How far from the office: 4 mins walk


Papa Noodle

Popular northwest Chinese noodle house serving hand-pulled noodles and LanZhou-style dishes.

Must-order dish: lamb skewers and Lanzhou beef noodles.

How far from the office: 7 mins walk

Noble Rot

This place is no secret, but it’s spot on for a wine-fuelled lunch.

Must-order dish: The set menu lunch is excellent value, with 2 courses for £22 or 3 courses for £26.

How far from the office: 5 mins walk

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