Best UK Coffee Subscription Boxes 2024

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Treat yourself to the full experience and serve your coffee in one of our favourite espresso cups and coffee mugs.

Best coffee subscriptions at a glance

  • Best for next-day delivery: Pact Coffee, from £7.95
  • Best subscription with additions: Rise Coffee Box, from £13.25
  • Best coffee from micro roasters: Batch Coffee, from £17.99
  • Best for seasonal coffee: Fireheart Coffee, from £9.58
  • Best independent roaster: Quarter Horse Coffee, from £10.50
  • Best unique coffee flavours: Blue Coffee Box, from £9.39
  • Best organic coffee: Kiss the Hippo, from £9.90
  • Best tasting beans: Balance Coffee, from £10.99
  • Best variety of beans: Good Brew, £21.99
  • Best high-end coffee subscription: Allpress, from £10
  • Best for bold flavours: Cartwheel Coffee, from £17.50
  • Best for fresh coffee: Artisan Coffee Co., from £9.35
  • Best filipino coffee: Kapihan, £46
  • Best for cold brews: Origin Coffee, from £9.20
  • Best social-conscious subscription: Coaltown Coffee, £9.50
  • Best for compostable coffee pods: Rave Coffee, from £7.95
  • Best simple coffee subscription: Outpost Coffee, from £8.95
  • Best for new coffee drinkers: Perky Blenders, from £8.90
  • Best letterbox-friendly subscription: Rounton Coffee Roasters, from £12
  • Best for irregular coffee drinkers: Stewarts Coffee, from £7.50
  • Best for coffee geeks: 200 degrees, £8

Best coffee subscriptions to try in 2024

Pact Coffee

Pact coffee pack selection

Best for next-day delivery

Pact’s biggest selling points are the flexibility to have coffee delivered next day, and its focus on supporting farmers and sustainable sourcing. Pact buys its beans through direct trade, meaning it skips as many unnecessary steps in the supply chain as possible, to ensure farmers get fairer than Fairtrade prices for their product. Choose your letterbox-friendly package from 13 rotating coffees and try a range of coffees with hints of everything from greengage plums, to caramel, blackcurrant, orange cream chocolate or candied fruit. Once you’ve chosen your grind range, you can choose from the ‘House’, ‘Select’ and ‘Micro-Lot’ coffee options, depending on whether you want a reliable roast with similar flavours each time or a more premium option featuring unique and unusual flavours. Opt for the most popular select roast, which has hints of chocolate malt milkshake sweetness’, or branch out to a fruitier roast from Honduras with citrus acidity and a lingering cherry aftertaste. You’ll get a card with some tasting notes to peruse over your afternoon cuppa and a quote from the grower. Your beans are also shipped within seven days of roasting to keep your brew as fresh as possible.

Frequency: 250g bag anywhere from every 2 t0 60 days
Available grinds: whole bean, coffee pods, espresso machine, Aeropress, moka pot, drip, V60, Chemex, cafetière, cold brew, clever dripper

Rise Coffee Box

Rise coffee with box and information cards

Best subscription with additions

If you’re bored with standard serves, this handpicked selection sent in eco-friendly boxes from independent roasters across the UK is for you. As a tasty bonus, you’ll also receive some treats as well as your monthly brew, from fruity teas to snacking nuts or vegan chocolate bars. Your coffee also comes with handy brewing tips, recipes to help you get the most from every bag and stories from the roasters themselves. All the partners source their beans sustainably, pay fair wages and the delivery box is recyclable. We love the variety and the addition of a surprise bite to enjoy with our morning cuppa.

Frequency: 2 x 227-250g bags weekly, fortnightly, bi-monthly, monthly
Available grinds: whole bean, cafetiere, aeropress, espresso,

Batch Coffee

Batch coffee box and bag of whole beans

Best coffee from micro roasters

Batch are all about bringing you micro-roasters and small UK coffee brands with top quality beans. Each box contains two different grinds, slurped and selected by the Batch team. Everything they try gets added to their own extensive online coffee reviews archive, so you can read their expert descriptions and learn more about each individual roastery. Founder Tom Saxon also outlines the review process for total transparency and the site has handy guides for every brewing method. Choose from a bi-weekly or monthly coffee subscription and enjoy two hand-selected coffees to expand your caffeinated horizons. We loved that each bag comes with a QR code which you can scan to learn more about the coffee and what the team enjoyed about it. If you want to try before you commit to a subscription, you can always order a one off taste box of two speciality coffees. They dispatch their coffee in plastic-free, fully recyclable packaging every other Tuesday to ensure it reaches you at peak freshness.

Frequency: 2 x 200g bags
Available grinds: whole bean, cafetiere, pour over, stovetop, aeropress, espresso

Fireheart Coffee

fireheart coffee subscription

Best for seasonal coffee

Fireheart is a collaboration between Paul Tocher, Russel Stinson and coffee roaster Thomas De Garnham, who founded Fireheart with the goal to champion seasonality and simplicity in coffee. They are also committed to sourcing beans ethically, paying 50% above Fair Trade value. These are roasted and ground to order to minimise waste. Once a blend goes out of season, the Fireheart team recommend newer options to try so you’re never bored of what turns up at the front door. Its joyful coffee bags bring a modern pop of colour to the kitchen cupboard. For anyone with a coffee-pod machine, there’s also a compostable pod subscription on offer. The Palace Blend, created from Columbian and Ethiopian beans, is a brand staple packed with hits of Morello cherry and dark chocolate, but rare showstoppers like the Ruffatti blend mean even the most adventurous coffee drinkers will have a treat awaiting them.

Frequency: 250g bag every 7, 14, 30 or 45 days
Available grinds: drip, espresso, cafetière, whole bean, biodegradable coffee pod

Quarter Horse Coffee

Coffee in cups on table

Best independent roaster

This independent Birmingham-based roaster sources beans from all over the world for its cafe and subscription service in the UK. It also prides itself on relationships with farmers and cooperatives that support sustainable growth, ethical trading and pricing. No intimidating coffee jargon here, just a selection of premium beans, roasted to order in its coffee shop. Founders, Brummie-born Ameeta and Nathan Retzer, originally from Chicago, want everyone to feel as welcome in their cafe as they would in their own living room. Sample aromatic and creamy Salvadorian beans or a medium-roasted Kenyan bean with notes of vanilla and tropical fruits. Simply select a filter, espresso or whole bean subscription and wait for interesting single origin coffee to drop onto your doormat.

Frequency: 250g bag every week, fortnightly, three weeks or four weeks
Available grinds: filter, espresso, whole bean

Blue Coffee Box

Blue Coffee Box bags

Best unique coffee flavours

If a pack of pastel-packaged coffee focusing on unique flavours sounds up your street, Blue Coffee Box could be for you. They work with over 300 roasters around the UK to get a huge range of beans from 22 different countries. Your coffees will be selected depending on the flavour profile you pick when building your selection; opt for a light, medium or dark roast (or let their coffee concierge surprise you). If you’re not a fan of the coffee selected, get in touch and they will find an alternative. Beans are sourced from farmers and local cooperatives, cutting out the middleman and ensuring farmers are paid more than the Fairtrade price. The simple compostable packaging is letterbox-friendly, so no need to worry about potentially missing deliveries. If you fancy flexing your barista skills, you can also log on to the online Coffee School for brewing methods, reviews and pieces written by guest roasters.

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Frequency: 227g bag every 2 weeks, monthly or two months
Available grinds: whole bean, cafetière, dripper, Aeropress, espresso machine

Kiss the Hippo

Kiss the Hippo coffee on table with pastry

Best organic coffee

You’re unlikely to forget the name of this London-based coffee brand. Look for the bag with the characteristic red hippo and expect mouthwatering pre-ground coffee inside. Pick from blends or single origin beans, sourced in season and roasted in small batches to be delivered to your door. Offerings reflect seasonal availability of the coffee and each lot is consumed before the next harvest is roasted, so enjoy your batch while it’s at its peak. Kiss the Hippo aims to focus on quality over quantity, with a maximum of around 6-8 coffees available at one time from direct trade farmers. In house, the organic certified roastery is powered using 100 per cent renewable energy, making all coffees carbon neutral. There are also compostable pods available for machine users. You might receive a dark chocolatey blend with hints of pecan, or a delicate Indonesian brew with notes of peach and mango.

Frequency: 250g bag weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Available grinds: whole bean, French press, drip, espresso

Balance Coffee

Coffee bag with cup and filter

Best tasting beans

As the name might suggest, Balance prides itself on a balanced brew with a clean flavour profile, showcasing the unique flavour profiles of its beans. It uses a medium-light roast in order to let the flavours of the beans shine through. The coffees are rotated every time your bag arrives, so you’ll try seasonal varieties from around the world every month. The coffee is ethically sourced and sustainable but also more unusual than your average americano, as every batch is sourced from the top 5% of coffee farms worldwide. If there’s a cuppa you fall in love with, you can request it in your next order or buy a bag from the online store. Try the Stability Blend for a sip of creamy milk chocolate or a fruity San Lorenzo from Colombia, with notes of slightly sweet raisin and tart raspberry. The colourful packaging is recyclable once you’ve finished brewing.

Frequency: 250g, 500g or 1kg bag weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Available grinds: whole bean, French press, filter, aeropress, stovetop, espresso

Good Brew

Good Brew subscription box

Best variety of beans

Top quality beans and variety are the two pillars of Good Brew coffee. You’ll get around 16 cups of coffee per bag, plenty of caffeine to keep you going ‘til your next delivery. Your recyclable cardboard box will arrive with two bags from independent roasters, complete with the brand’s own funky packaging. Your brew box will also include a card with tasting notes, brewing method tips, more information about the roasting partner and the coffee itself. You’ll get handy guidelines to enhance your coffee experience, like ‘try this one black to accentuate the acidity and hints of pineapple’. If you’re a fan of a particular bag, you can also buy your favourite brews from their online shop. This subscription service is simple, uncomplicated and most importantly, the coffees are interesting and full of flavour.

Frequency: 2 x 200-250g bags delivered monthly
Available grind: whole bean, espresso, filter


Coffee bag selection

Best high-end coffee subscription

If your idea of heaven is a weekend brunch spent around the kitchen table with the family, you’ll feel right at home with Allpress. This Kiwi roasters encourages all its customers to take a moment to relax with a cuppa on a lazy Sunday morning. Roasting technique is key to all brews; the hot air roasting method dissipates any burnt aftertaste and elevates the unique character and flavour of the beans. Choose between three classic medium to dark roasts; the Allpress Espresso Blend, A.R.T Espresso roast and The Good Brew, or try something a little different with the Discovery Brew Bundle. The focus is on quality over quantity, so keep an eye out for the more experimental beans that crop up in the regular rotation.

Frequency: 250g delivered weekly
Available grinds: whole bean, filter, plunger, stovetop

Cartwheel Coffee

Coffee bag

Best for bold flavours

Cartwheel are a small Nottingham-based team, focused on finding flavourful brews with unique characteristics from individual farmers. They’re all about bold flavours, shunning humdrum one-note brands and supporting small producers with top-notch crops. The basis of their business is traceability and transparency. You won’t be bored with your brews; there are 50 new coffees every year including one-off runs and coffee specially selected for subscribers. If you happen to be in the East Midlands, you also get free access to cuppings at their roastery and access to their online barista training courses to expand your skills. In our subscription box, we were treated to a nutty Mexican brew with notes of rich muscovado sugar, and a honeyed Rwandan coffee with hints of light tropical fruit. Their coffee bags are 100% recyclable and their cafe menus are produced from recycled coffee cups. Even the waste from their roastery goes into compost for local allotments.

Frequency: 2 or 4 x 250g bags fortnightly, monthly or every other month
Available grinds: whole bean, espresso, cafetière, filter

Artisan Coffee Co.

ACC Ultimate collection

Best for fresh coffee

Artisan Coffee Co, are on a mission to elevate your daily brew, making speciality coffee accessible to everyone. They’ve done so by taking a flavour-focussed approach to their coffee and creating six characterful, layered blends that underpin the whole brand. These range from The Big Shot – rich, chocolaty and crowd-pleasing – to the bright and delicate Enigma with notes of dark fruits.

Another USP is that ground coffees are packaged in individual 30g servings designed to ensure maximum freshness and aroma, so you can enjoy a perfect cup every time. They’re also available in coffee bags, pods and as whole beans. Artisan Coffee Co is the passion project of ex-The Fat Duck chef Ashley Palmer-Watts, as well as a Q grader (the coffee industry equivalent of a sommelier) and a coffee research scientist – so you know you’re in safe hands.

You can dive straight in with a coffee box subscription, but Artisan Coffee Co. encourage you to try a tasting pack first so you can discover which blends you like best. These come with a range of delicious chocolate flights (created by Ashley) designed to complement each coffee – you can buy these separately as well. Each blend can be used in most brewing methods – from moka pot to V60 – and the website helpfully has a range of step-by-step guides for each style. Once you’ve picked the flavours you like, setting up a subscription is pretty straightforward. For ground coffee, for example, you can choose from one to five boxes of 12 single-serve sachets delivered monthly. One small point to note is that at the moment some of the packaging for the single-serve sachets isn’t recyclable, but Artisan Coffee Co. are currently developing recyclable alternatives so watch this space.

Frequency: fortnightly or monthly
Available grinds: ground, pods, bags, whole beans

Kapihan coffee subscription

Motley-Family at stand

Best filipino coffee

This sibling-run Filipino coffee shop serves modern Filipino bakes and coffee to its Battersea neighbours. David, Nigel, Rosemary and Plams are dedicated to exploring their heritage and sourcing the Philippines’ most desirable beans. The weekly blends in Kapihan’s coffee subscription are kept as a surprise (the grind is the only variable in the subscription), but there are some superb coffee bags available. The house blend combines beans from the North Island of Luzon, South Island of Mindanao and West Java Indonesia, resulting in a deep, rich blend with plenty of malty chocolate notes and a sweet toffee finish.

Add on some freshly-baked treats to enjoy with your coffee, including sweet, brioche-like pandesal with a chocolate hazelnut filling and crisp outer shell, or chorizo and cheese-studded swirls.

Frequency: 250g bag every week
Available grinds: French press, whole bean, espresso, V60

Origin Coffee Roasters

Origin coffee

Best for cold brews

Origin pair sustainability with speciality coffee. Choose from espresso, filter or decaf roast and decide whether you want to sample their classic ‘mainstay’ flavours or more unusual feature flavours. Their coffee is sourced through direct trade, with a focus on ethical practices and exploring the stories behind each cup. You can also switch up your usual serve and try a cold brew subscription. You’ll find a wealth of consistent, comforting flavours, from their stalwart aptly named ‘resolute’ with notes of dark chocolate, to their zesty ‘ataka’ blend, with hints of blueberry and caramel. Origin also offer educational courses for both professionals and keen enthusiasts if you’re looking to expand your coffee making knowledge. If you like something sweet with your caffeine pick-me-up, try their coffee x chocolate subscription, which pairs aromatic roasts with quality bars. Subscriptions start from £8.00 for 250g bag weekly.

Frequency: Every week, 2 weeks or 4 weeks.

Available grinds: Whole beans, espresso, aeropress, pods


Coaltown coffee in package on table with espresso

Best social-conscious subscription

South Wales-based roastery Coaltown was originally set up with the purpose of bringing an industry to the mining town of Ammanford, employing local people to create a delicious product. Its single origin beans are sourced directly from farmers, with a focus on transparent and sustainable trade. Roaster and barista work together in the cafe, which is also the home of a training academy, designed to share techniques and tricks of the trade. Small roasted batches deliver bags filled with personality and diverse flavours.

Try a selection of the house beans, single origin or decaf in your subscription, from a nutty and biscuity Black Gold blend, to a single origin Rwandan roast filled with notes of dark chocolate and raspberry wine.

Frequency: 227g bag delivered weekly or monthly
Available grinds: whole bean, cafetière, filter, espresso, pods


Rave coffee subscription kit with coffee beans

Best for compostable coffee pods

From freshly-roasted whole beans to pre-ground and even compostable pods, Rave offers a wide range of ethically sourced beans. Your coffee subscription box delivery also comes with tips and a booklet of techniques for every brewing method, so you can flex your barista muscles. Choose from rich, traditional roasts best enjoyed with milk, or take the ‘discovery’ option to try lighter roasts, best enjoyed black. You can also choose your brewing method to get the right grind and select how many bags you’d like a month. Rave says its packaging isn’t as ‘sexy’ as other brands, as the business believe ‘the coffee is what you should pay for, not the box it might come in’, but the stripped back minimal styling and hand-written font fits the brand to a tee. It’s also recyclable and comes in a letterbox-friendly package. We tried a full-bodied Colombian brew with a light fruity aftertaste and malty biscuit notes, and a light Rwandan roast with red fruits and bubblegum sweetness. Rave roasts five days a week and aims to deliver you its most recent roast to make sure it’s as fresh as possible.

Frequency: 250g bag delivered monthly
Available grinds: whole bean, cafetière, Chemex, drip machine, Aeropress, V60, drip, stovetop, espresso

Outpost Coffee

Outpost coffee in bag and drip filter

Best simple coffee subscription

Outpost is a speciality small-batch roasters, that focuses on sourcing stand out beans, supporting growers and training industry professionals. You can also sign up for a home brewing masterclass at its East Midlands roastery to take your barista skills to the next level. Sign up for a subscription and you can expect two pale pink packages of unique coffees through your door every month. Described as ‘perfect for the coffee explorer’, these specially selected lots are a real everyday luxury. The filter coffee is for those who like their beverages black, the espresso roast is best if you enjoy your coffee with milk. The filter selection is filled with subtle flavours and perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity. Characteristically, the espresso subscription is a slightly longer roast, showcasing deeper flavours. Your coffees will be switched up seasonally and you’ll receive brewing tips and more info on how the coffee’s been processed. We recommend the fudgy Ichama roast from Kenya, or brand-new La Samaria, a rich and chocolatey Nicaraguan coffee.

Frequency: 2 x 250g bag, fortnightly or monthly
Available grinds: filter, espresso

Perky Blenders

Perkly Blenders package being posted

Best for new coffee drinkers

Hailing from East London, Perky Blenders is a family-owned business which started life as one small coffee cart. Determined to rid coffee of any secretive snobbery, everyone from French press fanatics to first-time brewers will find something to tickle their tastebuds. You can choose your coffee from its selection of blends, try a one-off subscription or go for their four-week Variety Club for a taste of everything on offer. We recommend the sweet and floral Acacia blend with a spiced cinnamon bun – an ideal way to start the day. For the more adventurous, try the coffee of the month subscription for a seasonal brew available for a limited time. All the elements of the coffee bags are oxo-degradable, or, if you happen to live near the cafe, simply bring a container and they’ll fill it up for you.

Frequency: one 200g bag every 1,2,3 or 4 weeks
Available grinds: espresso, whole bean, French press, Moka pot, Chemex, V60, Aeropress, cold brew

Rounton Coffee Roasters

Rounton coffee bags

Best letterbox-friendly subscription

This Yorkshire-based speciality roasters aims to support coffees that guarantee a fair cut for everyone working at the beginning of the chain. Quality and sustainability is at the forefront of the selection and it stocks coffees from across the globe, shipped to you in letterbox-friendly packaging. Try a ‘smooth’ or ‘fruity’ subscription to receive coffees with a specific flavour profile or sign up for a three-month subscription to get a taste of their favourite seasonal roasts of the moment. If you’re looking for exciting offerings with plenty of complexity, go for the fruity selection. If tried and tested staples are more your thing, head for the smooth single origin subscription. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. From the hazelnutty granary blend, the great all-rounder, to the rarer Peruvian beans from Roger Chilcon Flores with juicy orange marmalade flavours, there’s plenty of variety to be had. Check out its Youtube videos for handy brewing tutorials and tasting tips.

Frequency: 250g bag delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly
Available grinds: whole bean, cafetière, filter, Aeropress, espresso

Stewarts of Trent Bridge

Stewarts coffee bags with beans

Best for irregular coffee drinkers

This Nottingham-based company has been roasting in the UK since the ‘80’s, founded by Stewart Falconer after sampling coffees from around the world on his travels abroad. The business works closely with importers to understand the sustainability of their beans. Each eye-catching, recyclable bag comes stamped with the name of the farmer cultivating the crops and a line or two about their family, the tasting notes for your coffee and the date it was roasted. Sign up to ‘The Coffee Lounge’ subscription, where a coffee is selected each month by the team, or choose your own subscription pack. You can also skip shipments if you’re still working on a bag of coffee. Try a chocolatey Colombian cuppa or a creamy, fruity blend from Burundi with notes of marmalade.

Frequency: 500g bag every month
Available grinds: Aeropress, espresso, filter, stovetop, cafetière, whole bean

200 degrees


Best for coffee geeks

200 degrees describes itself as a business of ‘unashamed coffee geeks’, who revel in the science behind every cup. The name comes from the temperature of its roast, designed to give a smooth, full-bodied taste. Beginning life in its roast house in Nottingham, they now have coffee shops and barista schools across the UK. 200 degrees aims to offer customers as much information as possible about the beans and who grows them. Beans are delivered weekly to maintain freshness and taste, and all coffee is despatched with a ‘roasted on’ date.

Choose from the signature Brazilian love affair beans, (a fruity all-rounder), try a new blend, or even grab a small batch roast exclusive to subscribers. You’ll also receive helpful tips on brewing and methods for your roast. You might be lucky enough to receive a limited seasonal bean like the treacly Indian Ratnagiri Estate.

Frequency: 250g bag weekly, fortnightly or every four weeks
Available grinds: whole bean, espresso, cafetière, moka pot, Aeropress, V60, Chemex, filter

How we tested

We tested at least two different types of coffee on offer from all the coffee subscription boxes. These were either delivered as whole bean or ground for aeropress specifically, or a mixture of both. Each coffee was made in a home setting, brewed using an aeropress, soft water type, temperature that was just below boiling point and aeropress grind across all samples, unless it came as whole beans, in which we ground the beans at home.

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