Le Creuset Black Friday deals: offers on casserole dishes and more

As we enter the biggest sales period of the year moving towards Black Friday on 24 November, we’ve created this guide to help you make a saving whether you’re after your first Le Creuset, looking to expand your collection or are seeking the perfect gift.

There are a couple of things we’d recommend keeping in mind to help you find the best deal, especially on more popular items like casserole dishes. Make sure you do your research around the size and colour of Le Creuset to best suit your cooking needs and kitchen. The large sizes are also the most expensive, but if you opt for the smaller options you’ll be restricted by the capacity if you’re cooking for a crowd.

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Le Creuset Black Friday deals at a glance

  • Amazon — deals on casserole dishes, roasting trays and more
  • Harts of Stur — 25% off lots of Le Creuset products with lots of colour choice
  • John Lewis & Partners — currently sales on limited edition colours
  • Le Creuset — the brand has all the latest colours
  • Robert Dyas — a wide range of cast iron, stainless steel and accessories

When you’re on the look out for deals on Le Creuset products, remember that pricing around sales events can be quite volatile with retailers lowering their prices to stay in line with competitors. This means it’s always worth shopping around before you settle on a deal.

There are also shopper-friendly additions like loyalty schemes or free next-day delivery which are available at some retailers and worth bearing in mind.

Best Le Creuset Black Friday deals

Le Creuset signature round casserole dish

Le Creuset signature round casserole dishes three colours

The round casserole dish is certainly Le Creuset’s signature product. It comes in six size options, from 20cm to 30cm. The 20cm model will serve about three people, while the largest size has an 8.4L capacity, which will feed between eight and 10 people.

These casserole dishes can go in the oven or on the hob and are a super versatile piece of kit. They can be used to cook soups, stews, pasta, pies and many more dishes. Here is our selection of the best deals available right now by size and colour.

20cm Le Creuset signature round casserole dish

22cm Le Creuset signature round casserole dish

24cm Le Creuset signature round casserole dish

26cm Le Creuset signature round casserole dish

28cm Le Creuset signature round casserole dish

30cm Le Creuset signature round casserole dish

Le Creuset signature 26cm shallow casserole dish

Le creuset shallow casserole dish round

Best cast iron casserole dish

This shallow cast iron casserole dish works well for when a deep pan just won’t do — think risottos, curries or meatballs poached in tomato sauce. This is because the surface area is prioritised over depth which makes it a really versatile piece of kit which would work well with all sorts of recipes, from lasagnes to roast chickens.

This size of dish is big enough for six people, and we really liked that it’s colourful enough to be brought straight to the table to double as a serving dish.

Le Creuset three-ply stainless steel saucepan set

Le Creuset 3ply saucepan set

Best investment pan set

Star rating: 4.5/5

A good pan set provides a great foundation to cook hundreds of recipes and we’d recommend everyone has some in their kitchen. This set impressed us on test, and while they’re certainly an investment, they’re built to last and come with a lifetime guarantee. The pans have a triple-layer of stainless steel which ensures even, constant heat. The solid lids made cooking with less water possible, locking in steam and flavour, and we found the measurements on the inside of the pans very helpful.

Le Creuset Signature 23cm cast iron skillet

Le Cresuset cast iron skillet

Best skillet pan for beginners

This cast iron skillet is a great size for two people, and although heavy we found it comparatively easy to lift compared to others we tested. It has an impressive non-stick surface which would work well if you’re new to the world of cast iron cooking, and we also found it distributed heat evenly. There are also spouts on either side of the pan which come in handy if you need to remove any excess oil.

Le Creuset Signature cast iron roaster

Le Creuset cast iron roaster

Best classic roaster

This roasting dish is made from cast iron with an enamel coating and can be used on all types of hobs as well as in the oven, making it ideally suited for roast potatoes as well as a host of other dishes. There’s certainly a heft to these roasting dishes — the 33cm roaster weighs in at just under 4kg — but it’s this weightiness which ensures an even heat distribution. Plus, it means that the roaster retains heat once out of the oven which means you can bring it to the table without worrying about your food going cold.

Le Creuset Signature 33cm cast iron roaster

Le Creuset Signature 37cm cast iron roaster

Le Creuset Signature cast iron griddle

Le Creuset cast iron griddle pan

Best cast iron griddle pan

Great to searing and grilling, this griddle pan is built to last. You’ll need to brush it with oil before use in order to build up the pan’s non-stick capabilities, but the more you use it the better its natural patina will become. Like many of Le Creuset’s cast iron offerings, this griddle pan certainly has a weightiness to it and you’ll need to use two hands to lift it. This pan can be heated up to 250C which works well when moving the pan from the hob to an oven or barbecue.

Le Creuset enamelled cast iron fondue set

Le Creuset fondue set product image

Best cast iron fondue set

Perfect for hosting, this fondue set can be used for chocolate or cheese. The cast iron means that the fondue stays hot and melted for a long time, while also ensuring that the set is easy to clean. It comes in Cerise, making it an eye-catching centrepiece, alongside six stainless steel dipping forks which each have a dot on the handle so you can keep track of your fork. We think this would make an excellent gift for the die-hard fondue fan in your life.

Le Creuset toughened non-stick sauté pan

Le Creuset saute pan

Best investment sauté pan

Star rating: 5/5

This sauté pan is deep with straight sides and a tight-fitting lid making it versatile for sauces, stews, risottos and many more dishes. On test we were impressed by how easy it was to clean — even after a few hours of sauce bubbling away it only needed a light hand wash. If you can’t face the washing up, it’s also dishwasher safe.

We were impressed by the even heat distribution of the pan which saw our onions soft and translucent in under 10 minutes. The excellent non-stick surface meant these needed hardly any stirring.

How to get a good deal on Le Creuset

Le Creuset is one of the biggest names when it comes to casserole dishes, but it also produces a wide range of cookware and crockery for serving. While it’s fairly unusual for new lines or shaped of cookware to be released, the colours is where things get interesting.

The brand is well known for its colourful cookware, and whether you’re after the classic Volcanic orange or are keeping your eye out for something new, the colour is crucial. You’re most likely to see deals available only on a selected number of colours, and we’ve done our best to indicate the colour that is on sale as well as the sale price to help guide you to the best deal.

We’ve also seen quite a few sales on limited edition colours like Ocean, Rhode and Fig, which aren’t widely available and are currently heavily discounted. If you’re after one of these colours we’d recommend acting quickly — as they’re not part of Le Creuset’s core colour range you probably won’t find them again.

How do we select deals?

There are a number of different things we look out for when selecting deals, like how much money the deal is saving and how much this is as a percentage of the original price — the best deals tend to be from 20 per cent off upwards.

Our expert reviews team have years of experience working the biggest annual sales events to find the best deals. Throughout the year, we test and review dozens of products across different categories, and look to find deals on appliances we found impressive during testing.

Another important factor is the retailer where the deal is being listed. We advise that you only buy from retailers that you trust.

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