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Try these savoury cocktail ideas, then check out our favourite citrus cocktails, Italian cocktails and savoury gins.

Savoury cocktails like dirty martinis and bloody marys are nothing new, but drinks that showcase umami flavours are having a moment as drinkers develop more adventurous, grown-up palates. From tomato martinis to jalapeño margaritas, check out our favourite cocktails that embrace the saltier side.

Savoury cocktail ideas


If you’re tired of bloody marys, the tomatini is your new best friend: a fresh, zingy pick-me-up with a delicious savoury note – make it your next go-to brunch cocktail.

Tomatini Cocktail Recipe

Dirty martini

Along with dry vermouth and gin or vodka, a dirty martini features a dash of green olive brine which adds a savoury twang to the classic cocktail. Our pre-batched version makes the perfect ready-made drink to have on-hand – keep it chilled in the fridge for when you fancy a tipple.

Dirty Gin Martini Cocktail Recipe

Spanish bloody mary

Swapping vodka for amontillado sherry makes a lower-ABV, super-savoury take on this brunch classic. Garnish with a gilda – a classic pinxto snack.

Easy spicy cocktail recipes

Very dirty martini

Crouch End Greek restaurant, Kalimera, ramps up the umami flavours of a dirty martini by adding roasted Florina pepper and thyme to the mix for a vegetal, herbaceous kick.

A woman adding a thyme garnish to an orange cocktail

Cucumber and jalapeño margarita

This easy jug cocktail adds a spicy, savoury edge by infusing the tequila with chopped jalapeños for 30-45 minutes (don’t leave any longer otherwise the tequila will taste far too spicy). Balanced by cooling cucumber, it’s a great summer drink.

Jug Cocktails Recipes

Pickle martini

No olive brine for your dirty martini? Don’t panic! Use the brine from other jars of pickles you might have in the fridge – we like using the brine of gherkins or cornichons. For an aromatic twist, try brine from a jar of preserved lemons.

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A martini glass filled with vermouth and gin and topped with a pickle

Bacalar cocktail

Made with lemongrass, basil, lime and mezcal, this zingy cocktail has some subtle savoury notes. To serve it Mexican-style, top with an edible flower.

A stemmed cocktail glass filled with an opaque white liquid topped with a purple flower

Spicy margarita

As well as a chilli salt rim, this margarita contains a dash of hot sauce for a spicy umami hit. Use mezcal instead of tequila for extra smokey flavour.

Margarita in a glass with salt-coated rim

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