The Statesman Unveiled as the Ultimate Austin Hotspot in a Star-Studded Preview

Wednesday night marked a spectacular preview event hosted by The Statesman, setting the stage for its grand opening tomorrow on January 19th. Already earning the title of ‘the room where it happens,’ the venue welcomed an array of notable guests, including Jamie Lynn Sigler, Cutter Dykstra, Jared Padalecki, Gen Padalecki, Dave Annable, Odette Annable, Stacy Keibler, October (Tobie) Gonzalez, Tony Gonzalez, Chuck Liddell, Becca Tobin, and many others. The festivities continued well past the official end of the party, solidifying The Statesman as the go-to destination for both glamour and lasting memories.

The Statesman is nestled in the heart of Downtown Austin on West 6th St, where old-school charm meets elevated traditional American fare. Drawing inspiration from the Heroic Age of our nation’s founders and the indomitable spirit of Texas’ impresarios, this concept goes beyond mere dining; it aspires to be a sanctuary where patrons effortlessly transition from customers to regulars, regulars to friends, and where the venue transforms into ‘the room where it happens.’

The concept promises an ambiance of eclectic elegance, offering Austin a refuge to share experiences, forge new alliances, and indulge in memorable meals. Executive Chef Dan Kennedy, renowned for his culinary expertise, curates a delectable menu that pairs sophisticated cocktails with exquisite fare. Join us at The Statesman for an unforgettable journey into the past, where every meal is a celebration of tradition and every visit is an opportunity to create lasting memories.

The Statesman’s menu blends traditional American Supper Club influences with innovative twists. From cold appetizers featuring seafood towers, Caesar salad, and tuna tartare to hot appetizers like crab cake and elevated fried mozzarella, the menu is a symphony of flavors that evoke both nostalgia and culinary innovation. House-made pasta dishes, including cacio e pepe and tagliatelle with roasted mushrooms, showcase Executive Chef Dan Kennedy’s culinary expertise. Proteins range from a uniquely prepared chicken parm of the thigh to a roasted breast with chicken jus and a whole red snapper with classic sauce meuniere, all sourced locally from 44 Farms. Table offerings, including Parker House Rolls with garlic/chili butter, Hasselback potatoes, and pimento mac and cheese, further enhance the dining experience. Complementing the menu is a signature cocktail menu crafted by Austin-based barman Bill Norris, featuring creative twists like the Tequila Old Fashioned, Business Class, and the S.S. Margarita. Each cocktail is designed not just to refresh but to ignite conversations, making every moment at The Statesman a sensory and memorable experience.

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