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Vegan BBQ recipes

Vegan burger

With a full-on flavour and meaty texture, this is a great vegan burger for the grill. It’s fully loaded with a patty made from beans and rice, and is a must for any BBQ.

Grillable Vegan Burger | Black Bean Burger Recipe

Mushroom shawarma

This is a stunning kebab recipe which also happens to be vegan, as the toum sauce is made without egg. It’s so worth making your own shawarma spice mix, so don’t skip that step! Try more umami-rich mushroom recipes.

Mushroom shawarma

Vegan pulled jackfruit burger

Our easy BBQ jackfruit is super meaty but with a sweet, fruity taste. The soft, melty jackfruit is perfectly balanced with a tangy, crunchy slaw. Serve up this plant-based showstopper in just 35 minutes.

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Jackfruit Pulled Pork Recipe

Vegan doner with homemade pittas and garlic mayo

Check out this super vibrant, easy vegan doner kebab recipe using seitan. Served with a creamy garlic mayonnaise using tofu, and warm homemade pittas.

Vegan Kebab Recipe with Tofu Mayonnaise

Charred hispi cabbage with hazelnut romesco

This trendy charred hispi cabbage with hazelnut romesco dish is really easy to prepare but packs a lot of flavour. Perfect as part of a main dish or on its for own for a quick midweek meal.

hispi cabbage

Vegan elotes with cashew crema

This Mexican recipe is a deliciously indulgent vegan take on classic BBQ grilled sweetcorn, great as part of a colourful vegan BBQ feast. Discover our vegetarian Mexican recipes.

Cashew crema

Smoky miso aubergines

Miso and aubergine is a match made in heaven, and this recipe is perfect for the BBQ this summer. Make sure you check the miso is vegan.

Grilled Aubergine Recipe with Miso

Shiitake seitan burger with kimchi mayo

This recipe uses chunky shiitake mushrooms to replicate the texture of mince in these grillable burgers, as well as to give an umami boost. Don’t be daunted by the long ingredient list or prep time: it’s a super simple process and the results are delicious.

Vegan Mushroom Burger Recipe with Kimchi Mayo

Vegan tempeh and pineapple kebabs

Chunks of tempeh are marinated in soy, rice wine, garlic and Chinese five-spice before joining juicy pineapple on skewers and hitting the grill in this easy vegan BBQ recipe.

Pineapple Kebabs with Tempeh on a White Plate

Farro, grilled peach and pecan salad

The grilled peaches deliver a satisfying sweetness, balanced by the zing of lime-pickled shallots and the smoky nuttiness of toasted pecans in this vibrant vegan salad.

Grilled Peach Salad With Pecans and Farro

Vegan mushroom burger

This ever-popular mushroom burger, with its smoky, charred, flat-mushroom filling is the perfect vegan option for parties and barbecues.

Veggie Burger Recipe For Mushroom Burgers

Stuffed portobello mushrooms

These vegan stuffed mushrooms work well as quick and easy burgers too; put them into buns with hummus, salad leaves and roasted red peppers.

Mushroom and Walnut Stuffed Mushrooms

Tender spring onions with charred romesco

The romesco ingredients are blistered and charred on the BBQ before being whizzed up and used as a sauce for the soft BBQ spring onions. Just peel away the blackened outer layer of the onions to reveal tender insides.

Tender spring onions with charred romesco

Vegan lentil burgers

Check out this quick and easy vegan burger recipe with curry and ginger-spiced lentils. Ready in just 30 minutes, these punchy patties make a super simple summer recipe for four.

Vegan Lentil Burgers Recipe

Lemon and mint marinated courgettes

These zesty grilled courgettes are a great BBQ side dish. They’re made in a griddle pan in this recipe but could work well on the BBQ too. Try more courgette recipes.

lemon and mint marinated courgettes

Aubergine kebabs with charred onion salsa

Try these veggie skewers for an easy BBQ option – simple to put together, quick to cook and easily scaled up or down depending on how many you’re feeding.

Aubergine Kebabs with Charred Onion Salsa

Fattoush with crisp spiced chickpeas

A vibrant, summery salad that mixes chickpeas with herby pitta croutons, radishes, tomatoes, sumac and a pomegranate molasses dressing.

Fattoush with crisp spiced chickpeas

Vegan BBQ jackfruit sliders with mustard slaw

Jackfruit pulls apart just like slow-roasted pork and is wonderful at soaking up this BBQ sauce, which is spicy, smoky and slightly sharp with a deep, dark sweetness.

Jackfruit Pulled Pork Recipe with Vegan Slaw

Grilled pepper tacos with mole sauce

These vegan tacos feature mole sauce – a satisfying blend of smoky chillies, peanuts, spices and dark chocolate. This staple of Mexican cuisine is usually found on enchiladas but here it compliments the sweet bitterness of green peppers, blistered over the grill.

Tacos loaded with grilled peppers, chillies and mole sauce

Grilled vegetable antipasti

Kick off your vegan barbecue with these gorgeous grilled veggies. Serve with fresh focaccia, olives and cured meats for an impressive spread.

Grilled Vegetable Antipasti Recipe

BBQ aubergines

This aubergine and pepper muhammara is smoky and sweet, with just a little hint of tang. It makes an ideal side dish at a barbecue as it complements almost everything.

BBQ aubergine and pepper dip in a bowl with a blue and orange background

Grilled peas

These grilled peas are so easy to make and so addictively good. Grill them on the BBQ for 15 minutes to eat as a snack while you’re waiting for everything else to be ready.

Grilled peas

Sri Lankan spiced grilled cabbage

Coat charred hispi cabbage in spices and tomatoes to elevate your summer barbecue – it’s also vegan and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy.

Plate of grilled cabbage topped with tomatoes and onions, next to lime lime slices.

Homemade veggie burgers

Try our veg packed vegan burgers for a quick dinner ready in 20 minutes. The idea behind these burgers is that you can grow many of these ingredients your garden or allotment throughout the year, including aubergines, courgettes, pepper and tomatoes.

Veggie Burger Allotment recipe

Teriyaki aubergine

A fab dish for the BBQ. Try our teriyaki aubergine recipe, it’s easy, serves four as a side and has only 105 calories. This vegan marinade is sticky, sweet and perfect for brushing over grilled or roasted veggies.

Teriyaki aubergine

Roast courgette, chickpea and lemon salad

Check out this quick and easy vegan salad recipe with roasted courgettes and crunchy chickpeas tossed in punchy harissa. It’s ready in 20 minutes and low in calories too.

Roasted Courgette Salad with Chickpeas on a White Plate

Charred chilli salsa

This salsa (made with both red and scotch bonnet chillies) goes great with grilled meat – making it the perfect accompaniment for a barbecue.

Charred chilli salsa

Homemade BBQ sauce

This sweet and tangy homemade BBQ sauce can be served with burgers and sausages or used to glaze ribs and barbecued chicken.

Three glass bottles and a small wooden dish all filled with a vibrant red sauce

Blackened pineapple chow

Celebrate the joy of barbecuing with this effortless blackened pineapple topped with hot sauce, garlic, lime and coriander. Serve hot or cold. Try more pineapple recipes.

Plate of grilled pineapple topped with coriander and garlic, next to some lime wedges

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